Thursday, March 20, 2014

26 weeks

26 weeks

Weight Gain: +14 pounds.  The rate is picking up quite a bit there.  Hopefully we'll have a bit of a slow down at some point.  Soon.  

Sleep: Great.  Carter wasn't sleeping through the night when Samuel was I am relishing these full nights of sleep before Ella comes with full appreciation!

Gender: Carter was right...we're having a girl!
Feeling: Great.  Really great.  I'm enjoying this second trimester in this nice weather for all it's worth (please stay Spring!)

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Health:  Great, as far as I can tell!

Movement: Tons.  Ella is a mover and a shaker.  Literally.  So far it doesn't's just sweet.  Hopefully it will remain that way as she loses valuable real estate!

Next Appointment: Midwife: April 6th.  Follow-up ultrasound April 16th.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes I go through season where I just don't pick up the big camera much.

It has been such a season, for better or worse.

But thanks to the iPhone, I do have pictures. They aren't like the ones I would have if I toted the big camera, but they also are captured, which is better than it would be.

We went to the Children's Museum on Friday..such a great Christmas present this is turning out to be.  Every time we go the boys play with different things...and play with them differently than they have in the past.

The doctor's booth has never held particular interest until Friday.  On Friday, they took turns being doctor and patient. 

On Saturday, we celebrated birthdays with the Hancocks.  It was a day of few pictures, but lots of cousins, cuddling, yummy treats, thoughtful gifts and sweet time in the sunshine together.  I'm so grateful these people live near me.

Sweet, sweet Cora.

The boys love to "work on the batteries" if their toys seem to need repair.  They always have to be on the ground for this.

I'm going to Grandma's house next week to work on Ella's quilt...I'm so excited.  I still have a few pieces to cut and add from other family members, but I am getting the basic layout ready since the boys will be there, and I am using many more smaller pieces than I did with the boys.  I don't want to run out of time with Grandma before we finish the quilt!  Steven is planning to paint her room while we are gone, and I am excited to see it start coming together in the next month or so!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I'm not a fan of the selfie.

However.  I do want our littles to know what it was like when they were little...and a lot of that picture

I love the pictures of me with my mom when we were little...though they're few and far between.  She was mostly snapping the shots.  I love looking at the way she looked at us, played with much she looks like I look now.  I love how much I recognize the light of the joy of motherhood in her eyes and the laughter you can almost hear bubbling out of her.  She is a phenomenal mother...and her favorite times were when we were in the phase my boys are in now.  Her purpose, giftedness,'s visible in every shot.  I especially treasure the couple of photographs I've seen of my grandmothers as young mothers.  It's like meeting someone new I have always known.   

I try not to be too selfish and vain.  I try not to evaluate the quality of the picture based on my perception of my appearance.  They'll be far more forgiving of my look than I am...and I will probably be far more pleased in a few years than I am today.  

I'll keep taking selfies when my arms will stretch and I can squeeze the littles in the shot willingly.  I'll not run when Steven pulls out the camera, however disheveled I feel.  I hope, when the boys look at these pictures later, they can see how happy I was at this phase.  How much I loved being a mama of toddlers.  How satisfied I was, even when I was tired and overwhelmed and had on frumpy clothes and sported puffy eyes.  I hope they can see the very real joy of these years from iPhone and "real" camera shots alike.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

24 weeks

24 weeks

Weight Gain: +11 pounds.  My body is all caught up now from the stomach bug fiasco, and I am super grateful. I'm now back on track for where I should be.  Bodies are good like that.

Sleep: I've hit the point where I have to wake up to go to the restroom at night.  I don't mind that though.  It seems so much easier than waking with a newborn...or toddlers for that matter.  I'm tired enough as a mom of two with one on the way that falling back asleep is no big deal!

Gender: Carter was right...we're having a girl!
Feeling: Great.  Running is slowing down, but at a normal rate.  I am super excited to be able to still exercise comfortably.  I didn't run when I was pregnant with Carter, as I received terrible advice from my first doctor about how much was safe.  (Who tells people anymore not to let their heart rate go over 140 bpm?  It is so outdated!  It was my first pregnancy though, so I didn't know any better.)  Now I do know better and I know my body and what it is capable of.  I know what contractions feel like (I've NEVER felt any when I've run, but I know what it feels like now, so I know I would know what was happening if I did), when to slow down, what round ligament pain feels like...I just know enough from being here before to know how to moderate exercise, and I am so grateful for how it makes me feel during pregnancy.  I try not to drive people crazy, and it is never to humble-brag on my fitness (because there are people MUUUUUCH more fit than me!), but to be proof among the expecting that exercising during pregnancy is normal, good and healthy!  I'm super hoping to run a 5k with my friend on April 26th.  I'd like to keep pace with her, but she's getting a lot faster in her training as I'm slowing down, so I think my goal will just be to run the whole thing cheering her on from behind! (And run the race without having to stop and find a restroom....that'll be an actual challenge.)  I'm also all registered up for another half marathon on Kiawah Island on December 13th.  It's supposed to be nice and flat, so I am really hoping I can meet my 2 hour goal this time.  It is also ideally timed: my due date + 2 months for recovery + 16 weeks to train.  You know, if everything goes to plan.  (Since due dates and deliveries are known for that...ahem)  The idea is that there is enough time for me to recover and train healthfully while still not cutting me too much slack which always results in me not giving myself time for running after having a baby.  I know it's not for everyone, but I really do love to run.  It's such a good outlet for me...and this race should be a fun motivator.  Plus, I talked Steven into his second half (who would have thought it ;)), and my dad and running pal into their first half marathon we can all do it together!  I think picking Kiawah Island as a location helped! :)  All that to say, I am hoping to keep a strong base while pregnant so I am ready to train after I have Ella!

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Health:  My midwife found me super healthy at my appointment today.  The doctor at Ella's ultrasound yesterday found her super healthy, and I will never stop being grateful.  Healthy babies are not taken for granted around here...and it was so good to see her round, little face.  She moved around like crazy during the ultrasound, and I got to see her moving her little hand all around trying to get her thumb in her mouth and her little legs kicking up a storm.  It was surreal to see her doing what I could feel her doing inside.  I've never been this far along for an anatomy ultrasound before, so I have never been able to feel so much of what I was seeing.  She weighed one pound and four ounces, which they said was right on target.  Both of the boys always seemed big to the techs at this ultrasound, so I was glad that she was measuring more normally.  

The tech and then the doctor did spend a ton of time looking at her brain.  After awhile, I couldn't ignore it anymore and asked why there were spending so much time focused on her head.  Apparently because her head was pressed up against my skin (she's still head up), I was well-hydrated, I was further along than a normal anatomy scan, and because of my build, they could see her brain way, way more clearly than they are used to.  Apparently it looked more like a speciality fetal MRI than a normal ultrasound.  The doctor said she didn't see anything at all that looked concerning, she just saw a lot more in general than she is used to seeing and wanted to make sure it was all just more clear and not anything abnormal.  She does want me to come back in six weeks to be doubly sure that everything still looks the way they expect it to.  She kept assuring me that she didn't see anything abnormal so much as she just saw a lot she isn't used to seeing because the picture was so clear.  (Apparently her heart was beautifully clear too...this girl already knows how to take a good picture!;)  I'm not concerned, but I'll be happy to hear an all-clear and see more pretty pictures of my lady in month and a half.

 Is that a bicep? ;)  She'll need it!

This is my favorite.

Getting those teensy fingers in that sweet mouth.  I can't stand it.

Movement: She's going bananas.  Hopefully trying to wiggle head down.  The tech said she had tons of room and time to move, so hopefully she's moving that direction.  She is moving so much at this point that you can see my belly move and you can feel from the outside.  The boys still haven't caught any movement, but I hope they can soon.  Lots of my sweet nursery babies have! :)  I don't know if it will be any indication, but she moves like crazy...all the time.  And all night long.  Ahem.  Please don't be any indication. :)

Next Appointment: Midwife: April 6th.  Follow-up ultrasound April 16th.