Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Carter says:

On our trip to Alabama, in a calm voice, "Mama, can I freak out please?"
Without waiting for a response, he continued on in a blood-curling scream.
Had he waited, I'd like to say, for the record, that the answer would have been, "No."

Chick-fil-A at 9:30 in the morning on a stretch break on the way to Alabama:
The employee at the register asks, "How may I help you?"
Without skipping a beat Carter tiptoed to get his head above the counter and answered confidently, "We'd like three ice creams, please!"

Praying before supper:
"Dear Jesus, thank you for the foooood. Thank you for a fun day. Thank you for Daddy and..." 
Something on his plate catches his eye as he peaks around the table to make sure he lists everyone. 
"Gasp! I'll call you right back!!"
Stuffs cucumbers in his mouth and finishes praying as scheduled. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Carter: 3 years old

Weight: 30 pounds, 28th percentile
Height: 38 inches, 60th percentile

The first few birthdays are exciting for us parents.  We plan and do special things.  We wrap presents and invite people over.  For the most part, the little ones are slightly overwhelmed and overstimulated all day with a sugar buzz undercurrent.

This one was different.

This was my first birthday as a mom with the little one being the most excited.  Carter woke up understanding that today was his special day.  We had a BLAST all day riding on his excitement.

First on the agenda was his favorite breakfast: pancakes and bacon.  He gave me what he has deemed his "special 3 year old smile."

We met up with Andi and went to the zoo where he raced around and stopped on occasion to look at the animals.

Samuel pulled himself into this position to get a good look.  Andi made sure that decision didn't come back to bite him.  He is constantly cracking me up.

After the zoo, we played at the playground a bit before going to Runway Cafe.  The boys had a blast.  The food was yummy, we got to see several airplanes take off and land right in front of us, and they had a super fun playground.  Win, win, win.

Carter ran a thousand miles up and down this runway.  He was so serious about his takeoff.

Steven came home just before we got there from lunch and started assembling Carter's "big surprise."  There is always so much assembly required of their toys!

When he woke up from nap, he was pumped.  He was actually so excited he didn't say anything at all...he was struck silent.  Which, we all know, is really something.

Carter spent the next few hours totally consumed in train play.

We had a few family members over for Carter's favorite: Moe's.  I really wanted to cook his favorite meal, but...I decided his favorite was more important than what I wanted to do.  Besides, it was totally easy prep and clean-up!

Carter got to open a few small things from us and presents from his grandparents next.  This was the first year he has really been into opening presents. He really loved it!

His Thomas cake was next.  He was excited to take the toys off the cake to play with them...

...but as soon as he got the candles out and had one bite, he was ready to get down and play with his new toys.  Samuel, on the other hand, highly enjoyed all the birthday cake he never ate on his actual birthday.  Thought it was the best thing he'd ever had!

After all the excitement, the boys slept and we went to the dr the next morning for Carter's well check.  He was a total champ, which was sort of monumental for the doctor's office.  He was a healthy, happy guy!

Birthdays are so much fun to celebrate.  I love all the little favorite things that come together to make a simple, special day for these precious blessings.  I am so, so grateful to have become a mom three years ago and meet this super amazing firework of a guy.

Now to figure out how to slow everything down so we aren't celebrating the next birthday TOMORROW.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Everyday gifts

Samuel loves to see himself in the camera.  It's the easiest way to get him to smile. 

He's a great little possum.  This was taken minutes after the first.  He is definitely not really asleep.  Just soaking in the cuddling.  I think my greatest blessing might be that I have two snuggly snugglers.  Samuel loves to swing like this, and I love to oblige.

They spent the better part of a half hour chasing each other.  No one wanted Mama to run, so I got to sit while Steven chased and chased.  They were all sweaty and happy within...seconds.

Carter asked to be drug around by his arms.  He was tickled pink that Steven obliged.  I have no idea why he liked it, but liked it he did.

Samuel held his arms up for a turn, but decided a climb up Mt. Daddy would be more fun.

That turned into a game of toss...

...which isn't fair unless you throw everyone in the vicinity.

Now you can see why Steven was willing to toss and chase on a warm summer night.  Who could refuse that?

They cooled off, splashing in the creek.  They both ended up soaked through and rode home in just dry underpants/diapers.

I know that every phase of life will have gifts, but it is hard to imagine it being better than this.  All the simple, everyday parts are exhausting and perfect.  They are fun and funny.  Exhilarating and fleeting.  Oh how grateful I am for two little boys, a warm evening at the park, and a husband with whom to enjoy it.