Friday, April 26, 2013

Carter says...

In the car on the way to church:
"I am so excited! I love nursery! Goldfish! Friends!"

In the nursery doorway: "No nursery! (Falls to knees dramatically with hands lifted in the air)
"I'm dying! I'm dying!"

Goes in quietly to play with trains and never looks back.


Carter: "I need shoes."
Andi: "Why do you needs shoes?"
Carter: "For my socks of course!"


Carter: "Today would be a good day for some ice cream."
Mama: "We don't have any ice cream."
Carter: "Oh!  We need to go to the store!  Where my buggy?"
Mama: "We aren't going to the store buddy."
Carter: "Oh, tomorrow would be a good day for ice cream!"


After getting out of the car at church, Carter stood really still and stared at the building.  His eyes grew big and he looked and me and said with all seriousness:

"Fizzling fireboxes, Mama.  It's the church!"  (It's from Thomas the expression like, "Oh my goodness!")


Looking in the mirror:
"Oh, I look wonderful.  Hooray!  So wonderful!  Hooray!"

Looks down at Samuel and squats down beside him:
"It's okay Samuel, you look cute too!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Easter is my favorite day of the whole year.  The days of Lent, remembering the darkness and depravity, make me hunger even more for the release Easter brings.  The constant reminders of our humanity brings me the sweetest joy when we celebrate the deepest love that can ever be that freed me from all I cannot.  Easter exclaims, "It is FINISHED!" to my sin, shame and total inadequacy.  It screams, "She is ENOUGH" to all of my striving and hoping and working.  It says, "I LOVE YOU!" to all of my fears, striving and heartache.  Easter is a day of hope, redemption, and the love that we could never dare to hope for, yet can fully embrace.

It is a day to celebrate.

We put eggs out in the yard after nap.  Carter threw them in his normal way and discovered that the action made them pop open, freeing chocolates.  He ran around, throwing eggs for the next hour.  He would quickly pick up the chocolate and discard the egg back to the ground while scanning for the closest adult to shed his chocolate of the wrapper.  Not exactly what we envisioned...totally Carter's M.O.

Easter baskets were opened, treats eaten, worship given, and special outfits worn.  It was a celebration in the truest sense.

I worked in the nursery a good part of the day. I played with lots of pastel-covered baby rolls and talked with sweet sisters who worked alongside.  It reminded me of the truth of Easter.  Of the way things are flipped by the Gospel of Jesus.  How truly sweet servanthood becomes and how consumerism only takes.  How the Gospel makes "servanthood" feel like a gift of the sweetest variety.

I came home to napping babies and family.  When they awoke, we played and enjoyed and relished.  Carter ran around yelling, "Jesus is RISEN!  Jesus is AWIVE!"  What freedom we have to love and be loved!  What redemption our family represents!

We didn't grill a ham.  This both devastated and relieved me.  I grew up marking Easter with grilled ham and coconut cake.  (and a huge helping of little white peas, Mama's once-a-year Deviled Eggs, and an assortment of other artery-clogging delight).  This year was void of that, but it was rather peaceful, which was an acceptable exchange.

I am grateful to mark this day, almost a month ago now (I will never, ever catch up!), with some celebrations that set it apart from the others.

Little things that remind us throughout the day that there is great reason to celebrate amidst the difficulty of life lived as sinful people in a sinful world.

There is nothing we can do to celebrate rightly the redemption of creation.  Special traditions can feel so small in the face of the victory that was won.  But, I am grateful to try.  I am grateful to be able to make Easter Sunday a little different to remember, in our small way, that things are different because of the resurrection.

There is hope in the face of hopelessness.  There is joy in the midst of suffering.  There is strength that rises from weakness and grace that conquers judgement.  In the middle of all the days, there is Easter Sunday.

A day for His people to rise up and remind themselves, "He is risen INDEED!"

A day of sweet celebration.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Samuel: 11 months

When I look at his pictures, I can physically feel my heart twisting.  There is a sweetness in Samuel, a kindness that has been balm for my soul in the past (almost) year of loving him.  There is something about him.  I haven't quite put my finger on it.  Samuel touches a part of me that makes me feel so deeply and strongly.  He is such a beautiful little soul.

This little heart-bender is on. the. move.  When I carry him in the Ergo these days, he's all twisting and moving like crazy to get out, crawl everywhere, and pull up on everything.  He is not the least bit concerned for safety or caution of any kind.  I am actually having to kick myself into third gear these days to keep Samuel in one piece.  This is a far cry from Carter's calculating, cautious personality.  Samuel quietly crawls into the forbidden with nary the warning.  You gotta be careful about kids like that, you know?

He loves to crawl under things and is forever getting stuck under chairs, exersaucers and end tables.  He never has an exit strategy in the beginning, just big plans for getting where he is going.  His motor skills are far less developed than his imagination and dreams.

He is walking everywhere, holding our hands.  When he gets tired, he abruptly jumps ship, releasing our hands and plopping unceremoniously on his diapered bum.  He then lifts his hands and grunts until he is lifted high in our arms where the ride is easier and the destination arrives more quickly.

His hair is laying down more and more these days.  His spikey little do is super precious, but I miss the baby-fro days.  It makes him look older, and mothers are highly intolerant of this always-present rebellion.

When people speak to him, Samuel lays his head on my shoulder and smiles shyly at them.  He's  not a huge fan of being away from me, but he isn't fervently angry about it either.  Still, every time I pick him up from nursery, he cries a little to let me know that he didn't like it.  Except he does.  Just not when I am looking.

Samuel has six little teeth and is obsessed with using them to crunch Cheerios...and also throwing of them.  He does enjoy snacking on them in addition to whatever he can find on any surface.  His fast crawling has resulted in several half-bites of sidewalk chalk; His little green mouth convicts him in an instant of his crime.  Samuel also loves mulch and twigs...such a vegetarian ;)  While he does love wildlife, he's also a great little eater of our homemade babyfood (except my most recent spinach/cherry/banana was yummy!  what gives?) and is a really good nurser.  He doesn't have the voracious appetite of his brother, but he does happily eat with us at all our meals!

Samuel's very favorite thing is to clap his hands.  He loves "Patty Cake" and "If you're happy and you know it."  He loves to dance by bobbing his little head from side to side when he hears music, with his usual happy grin lighting up his face.

He loves playing with friends and is always racing to offer kisses that may or may not be met with resistance :)  He is always watching those around him, laughing when they laugh, watching closely when they are sad, and chasing them when they move.

Samuel loves to crawl all over Carter's bed with him and relishes in crawling on top of and all around Carter while we read books before nap.  Carter is always patient with this.  As crazy as Carter can be, he loves his little brother so much.  I am forever surprised with how patient and kind our "firecracker" Carter is with Samuel.  I pray they continue to delight in their friendship and bring out the best in each other.

I have more pictures than words this month, so I will leave you with a few of my favorites from this month below.  I can't believe his first birthday is the next blog post for this sweet boy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Mud Puddles

Did the title lead you to believe there might be pictures of cute boys splashing in mud puddles?  Possibly with sweet little rain boots?


Well.  The boys are undoubtably the stars of this blog. 90% of content and pictures of devoted to them...but not this one :)

PS: I'm sad I haven't recorded many memories lately.  I've just been tossing up pictures and hoping for the best.  Time is a beast, and I can just hope for a season soon where I'll have time to record all the words in my head.  I miss the writing...hopefully soon.  

Till of mud!

I got to do another mud run with some friends from church.  We didn't know each other very well when we started....what a fun way to get to know someone :)  We had a blast running and dragging each other over obstacles, though I felt like I got the light end of things as I was toted more often than I deserved!  It was a great morning of exercise, adrenaline and fun!

Friday, April 5, 2013

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

The happiest days are days filled with live and sunshine. Lifetime friends....are my favorite kind.