Friday, November 30, 2012

Snapshot: November

and for grins and giggles....

our incredible friend, Jake Page, modified one of my instagram posts so that Samuel was baby:impossible :)

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letters to Carter

Dear Carter,

On the way home from church the other day, you suddenly yelled, 


You repeated it a few times while Steven and I looked at each other trying to figure out if you were really screaming "God" over and over in our backseat.  Finally you looked at us and yelled (and I'm talking about veins bulging, eyes closed, yelling, here) "BIBLE!"

Yes.  You learned the B-I-B-L-E in nursery.  You were just sharing in your normal, over the top way.  Of course.

Everything you do is just like this.  Big.  Loud.  Intense.  Fun.

When you like something, you really, really like it.  You are obsessed with Elmo.  You can name a lot of the characters from Sesame Street and spot Elmo everywhere we go.  You sleep with an Elmo.  You read books with Elmo in them.  You stare at Elmo's face on your potty while we sit and wait for you to go.  Before you go to bed you ask to "wakah (watch) one Elmo pease!"  Then, you slyly ask, "Two Elmo?"  You really love this red, furry monster.

You have recently discovered on old Thomas the Train episode.  You really love it.  But only that one episode.  If we try a new one, you get really sad and ask, "THAT twain?  Pease?"  You know what you like.  And what you don't.

You love this towel from Aunt Beth.  You ask for the monster towel as soon as you put the last bath toy in the basket (in the same order you clean them up every matter what).  You like to read Good Night Moon in the car and eat Cheerios while we walk in the mornings.  You like to have your water bottle with you at all times, and you love to read books before you nap and go to bed at night.  You are totally obsessed with me singing "Hush Little Baby" thousands of times per day and only want to sing the letters L, M, N, O, P, S, U, V, W, X, and Z when we sing the ABC's even though you know more.  You know what you like...and those are the ones you like.  You LOVE oatmeal for breakfast, nuffims (muffins) for snack, beagles (bagels) at church and a "figgich" (sandwich) any time of the day.  

You love being outside and will run for your shoes and jacket at any hint that the door might swing open.  We easily spend 3-4 hours outside every single day.  Minimum.

You love your tools that Uncle Travis, Aunt Susanna and Henry gave you for your birthday.  You ask me, "Play tools wich you?" hundreds of times a day.  You also love playing with your cars.  You especially love to line up all your cars and trains in a "parking lot" and take apart and put together all the ones that have pieces.  You still love Buddy and take him almost everywhere we go.  You love that sock monkey and his smell shows it.

When you go to bed, you like to have your blanket pulled over your face.  You say, "like this?" and pick up the edge for us to pull over you.  You love to "swim" in the tub and still get a kick out of drinking tub water, to my dismay.  You love for us to sing "Piggy Toes" and tickle those feet that look just like your Daddy's.   You love to be hung upside down, flipped over and around, and chased around the house.  You love to "squeak"when you run.  You sound just like those little shoes they sell with the squeakers installed in the heel.  It's the sweetest little sound.  You run almost everywhere you go.

You still love Samuel so much.  You are so kind about sharing your toys with him...though I do have to remind you and help you practice making sure he has things to play with if you want to take what he has.  You LOVE to make him laugh...and no one can do it like you can.  You love to come with me to get him up from bed...saying "Good Mo'nin' Samool!" with your head cocked to the side and a big grin on your face.  He always smiles with a big, open mouth and you hug and kiss him every time.  I melt on the floor.

You are in a phase where you hate to be naked.  Maybe you're just cold, but you really, really like clothes right now.  So far, you don't care what I put on you, as long as it is comfortable and on your body straight.  I totally get this.  If it's crumpled or crooked you say, "Fix shirt pease Mama?"  I do.  I understand.

When I ask you to do something, you usually say, "Okay Mama!"  Sometimes you mean it.
When you obey and I compliment you, you say, "Yay, obey!" with a huge smile for yourself.
When you do something wrong, you almost always tell on yourself and then say, "I forry Mama."
When you take apart a puzzle, you alway start by throwing all the pieces across the room.
When you go to Chipotle, you repeat, "GuacaMOLE!" the whole time you are eating my entire meal.
When you hug, you knock other kids over in your exuberance.
When you laugh, everyone else laughs too.
When you look at others, they always talk about your big, beautiful eyes.
When you run, you do it as fast as you can.  If you are are running.
When you open a book, you read it out loud to yourself.
When people try to talk to you, you hide.
When people try to avoid you, you pursue them like you can't live another day without knowing them.
When you read with us at night, you like to cuddle up close.
When you wake up, you always run to our room to see if Daddy is home.
When you do something, you do it with your whole heart.

When I look at you, I stop breathing a little.  Every time.  I am so blessed to be your Mama.  You have brought light into my life. 

And in true "Carter" fashion, it usually seems like a police beam direct to the face in the dark night.  You're my little cowboy (which you pronounce "cowbee")...and I wouldn't have you any other way.

Love, Mama

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers

I saw a cute tutorial for brown shirts made into little football shirts and e-mailed the idea to Grandma, thinking she might make them for the boys for Christmas/birthday.  She brought them a few weeks later when she came to visit.  I am spoiled beyond belief.

I finally got a few shots of them both wearing them at the same time!  They are so cute...thank you Grandma!

Also, please note the difficulty of taking shots with both of the boys...AND showing the shirt.  :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just a day at the park...

Steven has had to work long hours lately.  We're pretty spoiled in that he normally does not have to and always does not choose to stay at work more than necessary.  However, he has needed to put in some serious time lately.  A few Saturdays ago, he had to work all day...and I needed a change of pace!  I called Andi and Boo...who were more than happy to come over to play :)

It was cold, but we went to the park, because Carter loves being outside so much.

Carter loves to hang on the bar...and can hang for quite awhile!  

We didn't know it, but Toys for Tots was having an event at the there were TONS of motorcycles and a few firetrucks too!  Carter was in heaven!  He LOVES both vehicles!

I've written before how he loves to "drive"...he thought driving a fire truck was the pinnacle of experiences.

Samuel got lots of extra cuddles and was totally content with sitting in the warm sunshine, watching all the chaos around him.

Carter also loves trains (all boys are so in love with transportation...I wonder why?) and asked Andi and Boo if he could ride the train.  I know you're going to be totally surprised here...

they said yes. :)

Our park has a really neat train that goes through a tunnel, over a bridge, and around parts of the park.  Carter loves it!

I think there is no better photo bomb than a smiling Santa.

Carter couldn't take his eyes off the scenery...and, as always, Samuel couldn't take his eyes off Carter.  These two boys have gotten along well so far...but lately, they have just loved each other.  NO ONE can make Samuel laugh like Carter.  Carter loves to be near his Samuel.  It delights me.

Carter got to watch the motorcycles ride by for a really long time with all their toys strapped on their bikes.  He thought it was great!  He calls them "cycles" and is super enamored.

Samuel, happy as always, snuggled Andi.

It was just a day at the park, but having someone to share the boys with helped me take a breath and enjoy them.  Seeing other people delight in your children is one of the sweetest blessings...and so are Andi and Boo!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Samuel: 6 months

Samuel is six months old this week.  Please dare not mention half birthday to me.  I will not be discussing halfway to one.  No.  He is not.  Absolutely not.

Samuel's stats:

Weight: 17 lbs, 4 oz: 43rd percentile
Height: 27.5 inches: 85th percentile

Samuel is the dearest little baby.  He has had this ear infection that WILL NOT go away...and I never would have known it aside from well-checks and this one night when I opted not to treat his runny nose with a steamy eucalyptus oil bath...the pressure from the congestion aggravated the ear enough to make him miserable lying down.  So I held him through the night...and we started a new antibiotic the next Monday.  Hopefully this new antibiotic will bring him relief...though you would never know he was in pain.  He is such a happy little soul.

Samuel is also getting so strong!  He can't crawl...but he can definitely squirm his way around a mat and crib!  He'll squirm, tip, roll, wiggle...and travels much further than I expect him too!  He loves getting to wherever Carter is playing...and taking his toys.  Carter is learning about the right way to handle it.  He's two, so he has had some learning to do...but I've really been grateful for Carter's sweet love for his brother so far.  Samuel is learning to sit up....though he bobbles quite a bit still.  He mostly knocks himself over reaching for his big brother!

Samuel loves to watch Carter...his eyes hardly ever let his big brother out of range.  And no one can make Samuel laugh like Carter.  All Carter has to do is smile and Samuel is laughing and snorting.  It's my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  Samuel's favorite game to play with Carter is "chest bump".  Boo made up this game.  It's hilarious to watch.  We hold Samuel in standing position and chase Carter.  Carter jumps toward him and they bump chests...and then Carter grabs him for a big hug.  They both think it's hilarious.

Samuel's first tooth is's on the bottom and I suspect its neighbor is on the way.  This has meant that everything, everything, everything is being chewed and drooled on.  Carter has learned that that includes keep them clear of Samuel's mouth region!

Other than the one night that Samuel's ear hurt, he is a little sleeping champion.  He goes to bed around 7:45 and usually sleeps until 7 the next morning.  Occasionally he wakes to have a little to eat around 5, but that is starting to fade again now that we've started solids and gotten used to the time change.  He still takes two, two hour naps...and still loves to just lie down on his own and go off to sleep.  It is so astonishingly different for me that I almost don't know what to do....but I sure know how to appreciate it!

We are so grateful for sweet Samuel.

All photos by Libby Wright Photography.

Wordless Wednesday: B-I-B-L-E


He's learning good things in nursery!  So thankful for faithful and kind workers who keep him safe, excited about church, and teach him good doctrine :)

PS: I'm sad that there have been so few posts lately...I feel like I'm missing a lot of things I want to write about.  But there's only so many hours in each day.  And if I have to miss something, I'd rather miss recording the memories than making them.  So, I'll keep mothering and being a friend, and I know I'll catch up here soon :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet, sweet potato

Samuel is ready for baby food.


Seriously.  How is this happening so fast?  He's trying to sit up by himself, he's rolling and scooting all over the place, and now he's eating legit food.  I can't even handle.

Also?  His hair is remaining in perfect defiance of gravity.  It may or may not be my second favorite thing about him.  (My favorite will always be his sweet little personality...and the way that personality sleeps all night.  He can sing that song for the rest of his life in my home. Highly treasured ability 'round here.)

I baked up a sweet potato tonight...and ran it through the magic bullet to get it super creamy.  I put all the pieces I had removed from the high chair to make it a booster for Carter back together.  I grabbed tucked away bibs, tiny spoons, and we were ready for business.  

His first bite was...uneventful.  He didn't chomp it down like he was super pumped.  He didn't spit it out.  He just ate it slowly and with absolutely no emotion.

PS: Our "real" camera's battery is still not at our house.  Thus the total lack of pictures lately.  Mourning.

What he really wanted?  To chew on the spoon.  His first tooth broke through this week and all he wants is to chew and drool.  He's handled it like a champ...but I can tell he's hurting.  

What?  Real food?  OK.

Give me the spoon please.  That spoon is ridiculously awesome.  For chewing.

Oh...they finally caught on!

That was cool.  Yay!

On the other side of the table...Carter got shifted from the high chair to the Bumbo in a chair beside me.    I'm not sure it's permanent...we're just sort of trying it out to see if we need to buy another high chair...a booster...or if this is going to work.  Last night went we'll see!

Please note the cucumber peels on his right.  Clearly he didn't not appreciate me leaving the peel on his cucumbers!

He really is a little champion eater.  He can pack away some serious food!

He's huge.  I can't handle that either.

So...we have two food eaters.  Two boys.  Eating.  I don't know what Samuel is going to be like...but if he's anything like Carter, our grocery bill is about to get serious.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Leaves

Carter and Samuel have stopped napping at the same time.  What a bummer.  Except.  I really feel like I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with each of them these days.  Even though it is a season where I don't get anything done...and end up with no quiet time of my own after the boys are up for the day...the time with each of them is so precious.  And, as always, it is a season.  Things always change so fast with little ones!

I have been raking daily.  Not because I am concerned with our yard...but because Carter's favorite thing is jumping in, throwing, and kicking leaves.  What a perfect childhood pleasure.  I even raked our neighbors yard just so he'd have fresh ones after he'd gone through all the ones in our yard.  Thank you for the leaves neighbors!

Carter is in love with our neighbor's cats.  They actually love him back.  It's a crazy relationship that I feel could be headed for failure the day Carter "loves them hard."

We love fall over here where little boys love to be outside.  Literally, we spend almost all of Carter's waking moments in the sunshine unless rain spoils our parade.  He is a boy after my own heart :)