Friday, August 31, 2012

Fading summer light

The morning started with a foggy ride on old country roads.  An iced coffee made with mint from a friend and vanilla almond milk.  The new Andrew Peterson album our soundtrack for the ride.

We met sweet friends who are also family at Callaham's Orchards for peaches, animals, and a general run in the fresh air.

The boys saw the goats...and Henry made their noises back to them as they examined the animals who thought the toddlers must have food.

A big goat came to examine Henry as he seriously examined him back.

Carter found a rock to try to feed this kid.  Luckily, the kid knew better.

Henry smirked at the goats with that Hancock smirk.

The boys ran past a muscadine vineyard to see some deer and geese.

They threw rocks the way little boys do until their lack of aim made the mamas too nervous.

We bought peaches and muscadines that tasted just like Ma and Pa's house.  We cut up a peach and a banana and the boys settled on a bench to eat their snack.  Fingers sticky with peach juice, feet wet and dirty from the walk in the dewy grass and dirt path, and smiles wide and was just as it should be.

A little drive and the boys both ran into Andi's arms.  Her smile washed over them and there were kisses, giggles, and a picnic lunch in her office.

Then a little field trip to the "bus farm" behind her office.  Carter is obsessed with sitting in the driver's seat.  Buses have the best steering wheels ever.

Henry tested the springs in the seats while Carter drove us through his imagination.

Samuel cuddled with Aunt Susanna while the big boys played.  A lady passed and said, "Babies, babies, babies!"  It's our blessing right now.

Henry drove us a little further until it was time for mamas to keep boys awake as to not ruin afternoon naps.  The soundtrack went back to Carter's eternal "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" refrain to keep him happy and awake.

At home, they snuggled in and slept well.  A morning of adventure, friendship, and learning requires the fuel of a full nap.

After nap, another picnic packed, tiny swimsuits on little bodies, Daddy welcomed with a running hug, and a trip to the pool for dinner with a community of friends.  Splashing, supper, and sweet girls passing our boys around like little treasures filled the night until bedtime brought tired boys back to bed to sleep again.  A heart full of a simple, perfect day with these treasures I spend my day, my life with.

Summer is almost past.  Our first summer with two.  The leaves will start giving way, the warmth will began to seep, but the fun...the adventure will just give way to new things.  Apple orchards, long walks and playground play dates in the comfortable weather, and football makes it easy to say goodbye when hello is so nice.

I think it will always be this way.  Treasuring each season...but knowing that goodbye always means hello.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Turning two with a side of ham and superhero

Carter turns two September 2nd.  We have had two precious years of fun, fun, fun.  There will be a post for all that.

Last Saturday, we celebrated Carter with all of Carter's favorites.  Family, balloons, and ham on the grill.  This was not a Pinterest party chock-full of plans, crafts and cute.  It was a family get-together to eat and celebrate a cute boy's life.  It was one of my very favorite days.

The morning started with a little Elmo video time with Uncle Kyle.  Carter's version of the best start to any day ever :)

Lots of family started rolling in.  Other than sweet Aunt Sarah, we were able to have everyone in our immediate family.  What a blessing to have two families that have joined together and love each other so much.  We have a ton of fun together.

I had one of those weeks where the to-do list and I never found a good meeting place...but everyone...EVERYONE pitched in and everything was just right :)  

We had a late lunch, so after a good snack, the boys started dropping for afternoon nap, one by one.  *Please note that there were 4 boys under the age of two...yes they all napped at once...what!?!?*  Samuel fell asleep last and got the laundry room.  It was the only quiet room left, and he didn't mind a bit. :)

I hung some balloons for decoration and then left the rest on the floor for the boys.  All day long, the adults kicked them around as they walked and the boys chased, threw, laid on, and kicked the balloons all around the house.  It was perfect :)

Carter doesn't really eat cake, so I wasn't sure what to make him for his birthday.  I decided a chocolate layer cake would do just fine.  Carter was not excited about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  He didn't get upset, he just had this serious look on his face.

He seriously watched me blow out his candles.

And then livened up considerably when he realized this cake had sugar and was for him.

He finally was allowed some clothing :) and got to open presents.  He was so excited!  Though when he lost track of unwrapping, he had plenty of help from Henry and Elliot who also thought this was a lot of fun!

Playing tools withUncle Travis.

If you say "Roll," he'll say "Tide."  Amen.

Elliot and Carter getting ready to scan some groceries!

Aunt Morgan made Carter an amazing cape that allows him to get some sweet air :)

Carter showing off his super hero moves, to the delight of the waiting audience.  Their delight led to more super moves.  Which led to more crowd approval and more get the picture.  He's a total ham.

Clapping for himself.

 The boys had so much fun in this tunnel from Great-Grandma...rolling around and climbing through.  I think all the boys enjoyed present-opening time.

 Just before it was time for bed, we decided we needed to grab a picture of the Castillo cousins since they don't get the chance to be together very often.  I love this shot!

I mean, seriously.  Beautiful boys...everywhere.

If you are wearing a cape, you may consider yourself fully clothed.

Dear Uncle Kyle, I am a super hero and I need to watch Elmo with you on your laptop.  Again.

SuperCarter in his ElmoLair. 

It was a sweet, sweet day where Carter smiled from the minute he woke up till the moment his eyes finally closed that night.  He ran around the house from favorite person to favorite person, eating his favorite foods, playing his favorite games, and relishing in all the love and attention he received.  I am so grateful for family...and for this little boy that we celebrate!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ice, Ice Baby

Carter's first personal ice cream cone compliments of Andi...who was also the photographer of this Wordless Wednesday.