Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: OUTside

Carter wants to spend every single minute of every single day outside.  I am so completely okay with that. Steven thinks my entire family has some sort of vitamin D deficiency because of the way we think we need to be outside as much as possible...year round.  It seems Carter has that gene :)

He is currently obsessed with cars and putting keys in keyholes.

If you are interested in having every button in your car pressed along with a change in every single setting...I can arrange that.

Guess what interrupted this car nap?  You guessed it.  One wrong fall of the arm sent that little cat piano into a fury of tunes that woke our sweet man up in anger.  Of course.

Throwing toys.  Apparently all toys were made for throwing.  While yelling.  The fact that we have hardwoods throughout the house makes it even better.

We were nice enough to add in a step stool to the couch for him. well as a bridge.

Carter yelled, "Outside, outside!" for the millionth time on this particular day.  While I grabbed shoes, I told him to get his ball to take with us.  When I got to the door, he was waiting with these two outdoor playthings.  Monkey (who he is calling "Buddy" I think) and an ice cream scoop are apparently good for playing outside.

He LOVES the water hose.  He gets wet every single time we go outside.

Steven loves lime.  He douses all food in the citrusy juice.  Carter reached for one the other day and we let him try it...anticipating the hilarious face.  He loved it.  

 ...aaaaaand we got the awesome face :)  He would eat a few bites, make the face, and continue eating.  It seemed like it made him crazy but he just couldn't resist.  Sweet, sweet Steven Jr. right there.

I give up...nothing is cuter than this phase.  Nothing :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Carter's new favorite thing is to yell, "Go!" repeatedly while running at full speed.

He also really loves yogurt.

Today he started calling yogurt, "yo-Go!"...yelling the end syllable while eating impressive amounts of the dairy goodness.

As if this wasn't funny enough...he then snorted some up his nose to test that body part's ability to consume his delicious treat.

It didn't go as well as he liked...but it didn't slow him down on yo-Go consumption...or speed...or volume.

Nothing has that power :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Memorization Monday: 3-26-12

"Keep your heart with all vigilancefor from it flow 
the springs of life."

Proverbs 4:23

keep: H5341 נצר nâtsar naw-tsar'
A primitive root; to guard, in a good sense (to protect, maintain, obey, etc.) or a bad one (to conceal, etc.): besieged, hidden thing, keep (-er, -ing), monument, observe, preserve (-r), subtil, watcher (man).

heart: H3820 לב lêb
BDB Definition:
1) inner man, mind, will, heart, understanding

all: H3605 כּול  /  כּלkôl  /  kôl
BDB Definition:
1) all, the whole
1a) all, the whole of
1b) any, each, every, anything
1c) totality, everything

vigilance: H4929 משׁמר mishmâr
BDB Definition:
1) place of confinement, prison, guard, jail, guard post, watch, observance

springs: H8444תּצאה  /  תּוצאה tôtsâ'âh
BDB Definition:
1) outgoing, border, a going out, extremity, end, source, escape
1a) outgoing, extremity (of border)
1b) source (of life)
1c) escape (from death)

Gill: a strict eye is to be kept upon it; all the avenues to it to be watched, that nothing hurtful enters, or evil comes out; it is to be kept by all manner of means that can be thought of, by prayer, hearing, reading, meditation; and, above all, by applying to Christ for his grace and Spirit to sanctify, preserve, and keep it.

May I keep my heart as a guard watches a prisoner, never relenting.  May I watch both what I put into my heart as well as what comes out.  May I test all things for holiness with the wisdom of the Spirit. 

When I get tired of constantly testing, watching, and listening...may the Spirit empower me to continue.

Above all things...may I rest in the grace of Christ and the strength of His Spirit to guard my heart that it may produce that which is worthy of the Lamb.

This week I will be memorizing: 

"Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!" 
Psalm 105:4

Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 things you may have never wondered but I want to remember

Can I give you one more list of updates?  I've been stockpiling them for awhile!

10. I am finally that mom that locked the tupperware drawer.  Carter used to empty it and play happily all day with the various containers and lids.  Now?  He swings open the doors, overhand throws it all across the room and walks off.  That is not fun for Mama.  The doors are now locked.  He still has tupperware to play with...but my kitchen floor is no longer a land mine of twenty-million pieces all over the floor.

9. The paci is gone.  We had gone down to just using it at bedtime/naptime around 6 months...and then that was all we needed for the last year.  In the last few months, he had been just using it to fall asleep.  Finally, he got too stopped up and mucousy to use it when he was sick I just washed them, disinfected and put them away for Samuel.  Done.  He asked for it for about two nights..and then that was it.  So glad that wasn't the ordeal it can be!

8. When Carter decides he is done eating something, it always happens mid-bite.  Why?  He just drops it out of his mouth after a few chews when he sees something better or when he's just done.  What a delicious habit.

7. I get "sin nature" in a way I didn't before I had Carter.  Carter is precious...but he is bent on his own way, his own feelings, and his own agenda.  When things don't go his way, he loses his cool in the not-cutest way.  If you don't believe you had a depraved heart as a child, go home and ask your mother about that.  Toddlers are just the best example of the sin that is in our hearts the minute we are born.  (I'm talking about you, toy thrown across the room in anger when the battery goes out.)

6. Uncle Kyle taught Carter to fist bump.  Carter put his own twist on it and will not do it any other way.  (This is exactly the personality trait that made me snap the way I do and say "their" incorrectly until 9th grade.)  He loves to give fist bumps now...especially to himself.

5. Carter believes his hands have magical powers.  He points to things and says "uh!" and expects things to happen.  "Uh!" may the iHome turn on!  "Uh!" may the fridge magically open!  "Uh!" may the blueberries appear in my bowl!  The other day he stood in front of the garage door with his little dictator hand and his "uh!" in full force.  It's like he'd seen the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial.  I would have paid twenty dollars for Steven to come home from work and hit the opener at that moment.

4. I tried to switch Carter from coconut milk to whole milk.  He seemed okay for awhile.  Then the diapers got nasty and the eczema on his face broke out and we quit again.  Oh well.  He can still have cheese, yogurt....milk cooked into things...but not a sippy cup of milk apparently.  That's so doable.  I do hope, for his sake, that he outgrows this intolerance.  For now's no big deal.

3. I wrote that Carter loved sleeping with his water bottle until I talked him into sleeping with his monkey instead.  In the meantime, Carter read my blog, laughed in my face, and demanded to have both.  Or something like that. Either way?  Both is his way to happiness at night.  I'm okay with it.

2. Carter is loving this amazing weather.  "Outside" is one of his favorite words...he loves running down our little hill in the backyard, chasing Maddie with toys she doesn't want, digging in the dirt, and collecting mulch, flowers, rocks, twigs, and whatever else he can find to put in his bucket.  The bucket is emptied every few minutes and all his "treasures" go flying across the yard in an overhand throw...his other favorite.  I live for being it's basically an amazing spring season for us!

1. Those Memorization Mondays that have been so lacking in the past few months?  Those ridiculous songs that I make up to help me remember the Scriptures that I love but cannot remember?  Those are the only songs that calm Carter down.  Romans 8:1-17 is his favorite.  Nothing calms him down like Romans.  I've perfected whisper singing for public meltdowns.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

A few weekends ago, we got to celebrate birthdays with the Hancocks (mine and Susannas are a day we always get to celebrate together!)

Not only did my family put together some spectacular carnitas tacos...and a stunning lemon cheese cake that reminded me so much of Ma I could hear her voice exclaiming about my cake crumbs...we also had so much fun with our boys.  Carter and Henry are finally getting old enough to really play together.  Henry can crawl and chase Carter...Carter has more self and motor control to not hurt Henry every time we let them get close...they had a lot of fun!

Labeling Henry's body parts...what a patient little cousin.

This one is so blurry...and it doesn't even matter.  That smile is just so cute.  And he gives it out like candy at a parade...


Carter's favorite thing to do was to give hugs...mostly because we all made a big deal about how cute it was.  He gave Henry more hugs than he could have possibly wanted.  Of course, Henry is the most patient little human being I've ever met and took it like a man :)

Carter did a lot better with sharing than I thought he would.  We are working on it...but he doesn't get as much practice as he would if he had a sibling.  He did a great job giving Henry just to teach him to not shove them down Henry's throat when Henry doesn't want to take the toy Carter is giving to him!

Cousins are such a sweet blessing...Samuel is going to love this crowd :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out of the frying pan, into the oven

**No babies were fried or baked in the making of these photographic memories. :)

Carter opened the drawer below the oven the other evening before bed and threw in a few of his toys.  In an effort to get them, he realized he could climb in.  Once he was in, he had a great time with the pans, his toys, and climbing in and out.  

ps: How did I not realize he had peanut butter on his mouth until I posted these pictures?  oops.

I texted a picture to the grandparents...and got an e-mail back from my mom with pictures attached of me doing the exact same thing at the exact same age.  It's a developmental milestone apparently? :)

Gotta love the guacamole green oven and my crazy, crazy hair.  And?  No, I did not wear clothes.  I was just as OCD about clothes and shoes then as I am now...and when you live in South Alabama, they're just not necessary.  (And by that I mean, inside our home.  I did wear clothes in public.  I think.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

The day my blood sugar was awesome

The nurse called today.

I totally don't have gestational diabetes.

Not even close.  My numbers were close to perfect on all three tests.


Thanks for praying and caring friends.

I think we can all agree that this must have all been Terry Hancock's fault for making such an amazing lemon cheese cake for my birthday.  That or my self control.  I'm going with Daddy.


Memorization Monday: 3-19-12

I am not sure why I have been so off schedule on these Memorization Mondays.


this is a new week...and a new Monday :)

This week I am working to memorize Proverbs 4:23:

"Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life."

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012



The third trimester started today.  As in...we're two thirds of the way to Samuel being here.  As in...I am so excited to meet him, I can't stand it and I'm sleeping as much as possible right now because it's so about to end.  

I still feel really great...just can't believe how fast this time is going.  I am blessed to enjoy another totally easy makes it easy to enjoy the season.  A funny thing about this pregnancy?  I am having crazy, vivid dreams, just like I did with Carter.  However, this time there is a common theme every night.  Every single night, there is some crisis of varying levels and I save the day by beating someone down.  I am pregnant in each of these dreams.  I have, so far this week, drop kicked a pick-pocketer at a train station, stopped a nuclear explosion by holding some huge guy in a chokehold as he disarmed the detonator, and stopped a guy chasing Carter and I in the park with a flying tackle and a punch to the face. Pregnancy hormones apparently give me some sort of aggressive tendency.  Consider yourself warned.  Seriously?  Who dreams this stuff? (Besides 15 year old boys?)  Also, the lady at the DMV who said (loudly) that I should just spank Carter after he started getting restless after TWO HOURS of behaving PERFECTLY while we waited the other week...consider yourself unbelievably lucky.  I didn't drop kick, choke hold, or even ninja chop her.  I didn't even go all "Andria Hancock circa 1995" on her.  (If you knew my mother in 1995, you will totally get this.  She was a short fuse, people.  I have seen men wither and die in her wake.)  I ignored her.  I consider it my greatest act of self-control...ever.

Carter's sharing in my apparent love for danger.  If we would let him, his very favorite things to do are run into the road after pumping his little legs as hard as he can down our slightly downhill driveway.  Pavement running is not suggested on downhill surfaces when learning to walk occurred in the last six months.  It is never recommended when the downhill surface ends in a road.  Good grief.

I am typing this as I enjoy the three hour glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes.  I was barely above the limit on the one hour I am hoping I just had elevated levels from this cake that Daddy baked last weekend:


It was a birthday cake for me and Susanna.  It was one of the best lemon cheese cakes I've ever had, which is saying something.  I may have eaten a lot of it.  It may have loads of sugar in it.

It may have elevated my glucose levels on Monday?  I hope.  That's a lot better than having gestational diabetes.

This test thing has some pros and cons.  In one sense, I have three hours to myself to type blogs I've been swirling in my head, edit some pictures (I am PINING for our camera...come on repairman!), and play on Pinterest study world news and stuff.  In another sense, I have a weird taste in my mouth, my arm hurts where the kind nurse rolled my vein, my head is aching and I am starving.

Still.  It's not so bad.  Especially if it proves that I don't actually have gestational diabetes.  I'll keep you updated.

While I'm testing, this little guy is spending the morning with his favorite person.  They are doing "boy things" and enjoying this amazing weather.  Steven is pretty amazing for working late a little each day so he wouldn't have to take any vacation days to take off the morning to play with Carter.  I couldn't be a luckier girl to live with these two :) 

This was accidental twinning...except the hat.  And it was kind of the cutest Lowe's run we've ever made.  Carter LOVES his Alabama hat because Steven wears his...and makes a big deal of how cute Carter's is.  Ahh...Steven never had a bigger fan :)

Speaking of cute hats...

Carter's Aunt Susanna made this hat for Carter and I am totally obsessed with it.  He really loves when people tell him how adorable he is (I have no idea where that comes from!) and so he loves the reactions he gets when he wears this hat!  It's especially appropriate with his new found love for his sock monkey at home!

Carter has officially hit the "no" phase.  He says no to everything.  Even things he wants.  He says, "no!" or "no ma" (no more, no ma'am, no mas? I don't know) allllllll day long.  It doesn't bother me except that he does say it when he means yes and then gets mad when I don't give him the thing he just refused.  It's confusing.  

He has added a LOT of new words to his vocabulary that he does manage to use between his repetition of "no."  There's no way I could make a list of all the things he can say, but here are some of my favorites:

  • "adin, adin, adin!" (again..specifically used for books to be re-read or fun things to be done again)
  • "happy" (he has a book of baby faces...the first baby is "happy", he loves this word and asks for that book by repeating "happy" over and over.  I love it.
  • "all done!" (He only uses this at diaper-changing time.  He repeats it as a question the entire time we are changing him until we finally tell him we are finished.  Oh my goodness, why do babies hate getting clean bottoms so much?)
  • "appumm"  (Possible personal favorite.  He is going through a phase where he doesn't like apples, per se...but he loves to say this word!  Also, he loves it's sister word, "appum sauce"
  • "Open pees" (pees=please...melt my soul)
  • "Cheeeeese" (a really long exhale of air in this word make it hilarious)
  • "Andi"....someone loves this
  • "Mamadaddy!" (used only in moments of extreme distress.  This is his 911 page, his distress signal in the clouds, his personal "SOS"
  • "Maddie, no!" (He loves the authority he has over this poor dog. He also loves, loves scolding and hugging her.  Sometimes at the same time.)
  • "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhot!" (also a long exhale that is hilarious)
  • "roar, roar, roar" (from a song one of his dinosaur toys sings...)

He loves his toy baskets in the living room.  Especially emptying them and throwing all his toys across the room...then climbing in and out...and pushing them like a truck through the house!

Sneaking with an army Marine crawl around the house!

If you visit my parent's house and it's a million degrees...that's because Carter is obsessed with turning the fire on...and they are obsessed with him being happy :)

It's hard to imagine what it will be like when Samuel gets here.  I know there will be really busy, crazy, "oh my gosh they are outnumbering me!" moments...but if one little boy is this much fun, I can't wait to see what it's like to have two!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleepy head

Carter's sleeping in a big bed now.  Not intentionally.  It more just...happened.  But, it is convenient.  We have a borrowed cradle for when Samuel is small, and Carter's crib is now open as well.  It's good to have options.  (Thank you, Rebekah, for the cradle and to Kelly for the bed rails that make these options possible...I have the best friends!)

He's been waking up some in the nights.  Mostly on the nights that follow days of nice, long naps.  I hate doing it.  It seems so, so wrong.  I've been waking him from naps that go longer than an hour and a half.  So far, the nights are getting back to normal.  We'll see :)

I got to wake him up yesterday.  I went in and opened the blinds and curtains.  I turned off the sound machine.


So I used the time to snap a few pictures while he woke up.

He loves sleeping with a water bottle. (??) They are leaky no matter how awesome the sippy cup is, so I am convincing him of the merit of this sweet monkey from Andi and Grandaddy.  He has bought it hook, line and sinker.

Also, please do not mention the word "monkey" around Carter unless it is in his arms.  I just learned the hard way that he really loves this guy these days.  Being suddenly reminded that monkey is at home is not good for our day.

Starting to wake up...

Yeah.  Never mind.

And ps?  This is the bed that I grew up sleeping on (for every sleepover buddy I ever had, it has a brand new, soft mattress these days.  Whole new world.  How many of my friends learned the hard way that jumping on my bed usually ended up with with the wind being knocked out of them?  A lot.)  This bed...was also the bed Daddy slept in as a little boy.  And it goes further back than that.  When I put pictures of this updated room on here, I'll be sure to actually know all the details :)

Is there anything better than sleepy babies?  No.  

There is not.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesdays: The Perfect Day

Real life is full of laundry, bills, returning phone calls, making appointments, etc, etc, etc. 

It's also full of perfect sunlit days that are the stuff you dreamed about when you were little.

We had one of those just perfect days a few Thursdays ago.

His hair was sweaty and messy after nap...Daddy "encouraged" the crazy hair into a very messy faux hawk.

I left it.  It was almost as cute as the comb-over style I am addicted to.

 It was February.  It was the Thursday before my birthday weekend.  We could wear shorts.  We try to never leave days like this without spending as much time as possible soaking it in.

He marched into the park and conquered every square inch.

*His shirt is from the Piggly Wiggly in Headland, Alabama, compliments of Andi.  It is also perfect.

Steven captured my new favorite picture/moment on his iPhone.  No, you can't have him.

PS: "They" say not to participate in any activity in which you might fall or take a hard hit while pregnant.  This would negate all activities with Carter.  I saw this definition the other day: "Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it."  So true.  If they just added, "that is always throwing things."
**Don't worry, worriers.  I am being careful.

We finished off with supper at Rainers that included delicious sandwiches, salads, and waters for everybody.  And ice cream.  Because...duh. 

He fell asleep dirty and sweaty on the way home.  It was kind of a perfect day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letters to Samuel

27 weeks

Dear Samuel,
Time is flying. On Friday, we begin our final trimester.  I am so, so excited to meet you, but I am treasuring this special time we have right now a little differently than I did with Carter. I think I was just so excited to "start being a mom" and meet my precious Carter that I could hardly appreciate how special our time together during pregnancy was. With you, I am relishing in these moments where I know you have everything you need.  Every little flutter, move, and kick is just for me...and my body instinctively knows what will make you happy in every moment. When you move around in the night, I don't have to even get out of bed to check on, feed, or change you. I can just rest my hand on my stomach and drift back off to sleep. It's a sweet time little Samuel.  

At the same time, I am getting curious about what you're going to look like...and what your personality will be like.  Will you have big, brown eyes that make you look like me and your big brother?  Will you have your Daddy's beautiful shades of blue?  Will you love to be rocked or have an independent streak?  Will you nurse easily or take a lot of coaxing and learning?  What will your personality be like?  Sweet Samuel...I am so excited to meet you...and I am loving every minute that we are sharing together right now.

I went back to the doctor today after having a minor panic attack last time that you were going to be some monster baby I couldn't deliver.  I knew things were going to be fine...whether I was still measuring large or not..but still...I was hoping to hear Dr. Lattimore say that we were measuring a bit smaller than last time.  We were.  I measured at 29 weeks...still about a week and a half ahead...but Dr. Lattimore said that you were also way up high...throwing off the measurement.  He said that my weight gain and blood pressure were for the gestational diabetes test to come back clear tomorrow...I really hope so!  Either way, Dr. Lattimore said you and I both looked very healthy...and that even if I had gestational diabetes, you were certainly not getting too large.  Delivery will always be difficult, but I was relieved by this appointment.

You are moving all over the place.  Dr. Lattimore even had to remeasure me at one point because you kicked so hard that it moved my entire stomach.  It seems like you move a lot more than Carter did..but maybe it's my memory.  However, you are definitely more still at night than he was...I am claiming this as an indication that you are going to be one to sleep long and hard at night!  (pleeeeaaaaase.......:))

Just before I had Carter, I was reading through Ephesians.  As I read, a passage popped out to me, and the Holy Spirit filled me with its words.  I pray them over your brother every time I rock him.  They are a good prayer...words I will pray over you as well.  As I prepare for your coming, I've been slowly moving through the books in the Bible written about the man for whom you are named.  I don't know if this is the "one" verse that will stick to my lips as I rock you...that will always come to mind when I look in your eyes...but it is a hope I have for you my sweet boy.

A prophet visits Eli to warn him of the sins of his sons.  As he tells Eli of the wickedness of their practices and the fate that will befall his family, he offers him hope in the prophecy of a good priest to come...the young boy Samuel would grow to replace Eli in faithful service.  The prophet speaks the heart of the Lord saying, "

"And I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who shall  do according to what is in my heart and in my mindAnd I will build him a sure house, and he shall go in and out before my anointed forever."
1 Samuel 2:36

Sweet Samuel.  I pray that you will have a faithful heart.  I pray that you will be a priest among men...and intercessor bringing those who are separated from God into his Holy of Holies.  I pray that you will do what is in God's heart and mind.  I pray that when you leave our home that God will build for you a sure house...a legacy of redemption and the truth of the Gospel.  Most of all, I pray that you will go in and out before the presence of the Lord for all your days.  

I am not in control of almost any part of you.  I secretly battle that.  I can't control how big you are, when you come or the manner in which you arrive.  I will influence, but not determine, your personality, tendencies and patterns.  Your strengths, weaknesses, trials, successes and experiences are all out of my realm of authority.  

God is sovereign.  He does control all of those things.  When Hannah leaves her Samuel with Eli to complete her promise to the Lord she prays: 

"...for the Lord is a God of knowledge,
    and by him actions are weighed.
The bows of the mighty are broken,
    but the feeble bind on strength.
Those who were full have hired themselves out for bread,
    but those who were hungry have ceased to hunger.
The barren has borne seven,
     but she who has many children is forlorn.
The Lord kills and brings to life;
    he brings down to Sheol and raises up.
The Lord makes poor and makes rich;
     he brings low and he exalts.
He raises up the poor from the dust;
    he lifts the needy from the ash heap
to make them sit with princes
    and inherit a seat of honor.
For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's,
    and on them he has set the world."

1 Samuel 2:3b-8

God chooses all things, my sweet boy.  He chooses things that we perceive as difficult and easy...He chooses things because they are for His glory and our good.  He chooses things because He is wise and sees the entire perspective of what is right.

I don't know so many things about you.  But I know that God is sovereign and has chosen His best for you.  And that fulfills every dream I could dream for you my sweet one.

I am grateful for every moment of carrying you inside me.  I am grateful that I will hold you in my arms soon.

I am grateful for you, my Samuel...the one for whom I asked the Lord.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What's so funny?


**Please excuse my ridiculous, annoying laugh.  In real life, it is totally not that bad (I think).  I'd been doing this for about 3 minutes straight...until we realized this was one of those moments we needed to be videoing...and then I needed to continue.  5 minutes of straight laughter isn't the most natural sound.

I firmly believe Carter is in the best age of his life.  He is the cutest, most fun, and most interesting human being on this planet.  I'm a little jealous of Samuel...I mean...what a cool big brother.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yes.  Steven has taught Carter the art of the forward roll.  Thankfully, he has only tried it on our bed as we have hardwoods everywhere else.  It is a dangerous, dangerous thing...he totally drops to a roll with no regard for preparation, people watching, or the edge of the bed.  It's also totally cute.  And since he can't get on our bed without help...and we won't let him on the bed unless were are there to "spot"...this is actually safe.  And cute.  So super cute.