Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Chatterbox


*I'm not sure why he says, "yes" the way he does...he can make all of the consonant and vowel sounds that make up the word...but that's the way he likes it!

**Uncle Kyle is off to the side of the looks like we are talking to an imaginary uncle here!

***Yay for the Ladies Bible Study nursery workers who taught Carter "please" in sign language!  I only taught him the sign for "more"...which he uses all the time...but they taught him please and I love, love it.  He also says, "please" when he's asking for some usually comes out with just the vowel and "s" sound :)  We are so grateful for the sweet people in Carter's life who are teaching him important things!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Memorization Monday: 2-27-12

Memorization Monday seems to be hitting an every-other-week stride.  hmm.  I'm okay with it.  We'll see how it goes as the weeks progress :)  This week's is so short, I hope to start a new one next Monday.
This week I am memorizing: 

"I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings."
1 Corinthians 9:23

Thursday, February 23, 2012

B is for baby. And boys. And big....and Blessing.

Last week, I wrote about our last doctor's appointment and how I was feeling about getting the news that I was measuring 2 1/2 weeks larger than I should be after gaining only 8 pounds at 24 weeks.  I was so blessed to get your comments, e-mails, phone calls, messages, and Facebook comments giving me your encouragement, prayers and stories.   You wrote about your successful c-sections, your long labors that led to c-sections that led to healing, your babies born early that are so healthy now, and your gestational diabetes.  You wrote about your own experiences and people that you knew.  Mostly though, you pointed out how differently things can turn out...but that it all turned out for good.

Thank you.  That is so encouraging.  It is encouraging to have stories like that in my head and heart. 
It helps me believe in my head what is in my heart.

It helps to write it down.  I can look back and read last week's blog and see where the Lord can take a person in seven days.  I'm not saying I'm not nervous at all.  I'm not saying I don't still hope for a smooth delivery.  I am saying that I am able this week to take a more even look at the facts and am drawing better conclusions.

The facts:

  • Even if I have gestational diabetes....I can handle it.  I have been a more restrictive diets before.  You can eat a lot of less than savory food for the good of your baby.
  • If I have gestational diabetes, I am already working to handle it...and have been since I got pregnant.  We eat carefully, watching our carbs and sugar and eating very little processed food.  I walk with a friend or work out in the gym almost every day of the week.  If Samuel is getting big, it's not because I'm sitting around eating ice cream's because he's a big boy!
  • If I end up having the crappiest birth story on the planet with an equally crappy recovery...I have help.  I have a family, small group, friends, and a husband that have proven to be the best support system around.  We'll be taken care of.
  • I live in a country that provides unbelievable medical capabilities and a husband who has a job with medical benefits.  We are taken care of.
  • I truly believe in my soul that God's plan for me is right.  I absolutely know from experience that right does not equal easy...but it is always right. I trust that completely.

We're going to be okay.

I read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young every day at some point.  Yesterday she wrote, "Your inadequacy presents you with a continual choice- deep dependence on me, or despair.  The emptiness you feel within will be filled either with problems or with My Presence."

There are problems.  They might be very serious....or they might be kind of small.  I might go in to the next appointment and measure totally normally. I did sort of realize this week that he was just measuring me with a tape measure...I's not like he weighed Samuel.  It's not exact science.  But even if it is difficult, He is more faithful and powerful than a hard delivery.

His love conquers all things.

Even fear.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Conglomeration

Just a few of my favorite pictures Steven has taken lately on his iPhone...because our camera is still being repaired.  

Carter with his tostada in downtown Greenville.  Yes.  He ate the whole thing.

His favorite nap position: on our bed, legs tucked under his little belly, bottom high in the air.

Steven and Carter in the fire truck for our friend Mason's birthday! 

More of Carter's favorites: his Tia, reading, and cuddling!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Memorization Monday: 2-21-12

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."
Psalm 90:12

number: H4487 מנה mânâh maw-naw'
A primitive root; properly to weigh out; by implication to allot or constitute officially; also to enumerate or enroll: - appoint, count, number, prepare, set, tell.

: ("apply" our hearts to wisdom in many other translations) H935 בּוא bô'
BDB Definition:
1) to go in, enter, come, go, come in

I've written a lot about time.  I am constantly reminding myself to enjoy every moment of every day.  I have always had this sense that the present season of my life is the very best.  I've had this sense my whole life..and I don't want to miss a minute of it idling away.  

I've written about how the time is short, and we must redeem the time we have (Eph. 5:15-16).

I found these two quotes while studying this verse: 

C.H. Spurgeon wrote, “A short life should be wisely spent. We have not enough time at our disposal to justify us in misspending a single quarter of an hour. Neither are we sure of enough life to justify us in procrastinating for a moment.”

Victor Hugo said, “Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.”

Talking about stressing me all the way out.  I know time is going quickly.  Not only does every single person in the park, grocery store, and general public remind me as I walk by with Carter (I'm not against's a good reminder...but it's every time we are in public!), but I can literally feel it swirling away as I suddenly have a toddler and new baby preparing to make his big appearance.  I can't slow it down!

I think Moses is asking God to teach him more than just to be aware of the fleeting characteristic of time.  Even with constant awareness, I think it takes true wisdom to know how to use it with discernment.  Moses, the accepted author of this psalm, asks the Lord to "teach" him to number his days, knowing that this isn't something he inherently knows how to do.  We aren't born with a heart of discernment.  It is a learned skill...wisdom is something that takes discipline, maturity, and the Holy Spirit's work to develop in our hearts.  

But we do have the Holy Spirit, and so with discipline and maturity, we may gain, or enter into, wisdom.  I'm praying, praying, praying that God will teach me how to invest my time in His recognize what is of Him and for His glory...and to be patient as He develops wisdom and maturity in my heart.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

B is for baby. And boys. And big.

When we went for Samuel's anatomy ultrasound, the doctor gave us the exciting news that we were expecting a baby boy.  He was healthy and growing beautifully.  

He also asked some questions about how big Carter was, showing a bit of surprise that Carter was 8lbs, 1 oz at birth...and that I was able to have a vaginal birth (albeit with difficulties).  He said my hip structure is just quite small (I know that, thanks) and that he was surprised Carter, though not an abnormally large baby, fit.  He cautioned me to be careful about sugar and carbs since second baby boys are almost always larger than their older brothers.

And I proceeded to freak all. the. way. out.

What if this delivery was even harder than Carter's?  What if I have to have a C-section?  What if they make me go through being induced again because they are afraid Samuel is getting too big?

Or.  My biggest fear: I go through all the pain of labor and then they send me to emergency C-section.  Double whammy of awful.

I went the next week for a regular check-up with Dr. Lattimore (I do love that man...not everyone will miss part of their vacation to deliver your baby, treat you like a daughter in his office, and spend time chatting with your nervous husband during visits) and told him how concerned I was.  He reassured me that I had not gained very much weight, was measuring just right, and that there are lots of different reasons Carter's delivery was difficult.  He reminded me that we could have messed things up by inducing me before I was ready, not inducing earlier so that Carter  would have been smaller, that it could have been Carter's sunny-side up position, or even just that it was my first birth.  There was no real way of knowing which variable or variables had contributed to the tough delivery.  He reminded me that my body has been through this before and would be prepared to do it again.  He reminded me that we can't control every little moment in birth and that Carter was healthy and I recovered well.

I felt better.  

Then I went back last week.  I have gained a small amount of weight...the normal numbers.  Blood pressure low as always.  Samuel's heartbeat was perfect and strong....but...he measured 2 and a half weeks ahead of where we are.  Dr. Lattimore got that concerned look on his face that I have only seen a handful of times as he re-checked  the charts and re-measured.  He cautioned me to be careful about the carbs and sugars (oh. my. gosh.  If he could see my pantry.  I know it is his job and the right advice, but I was irrationally mad at him for the first time.  We are SO careful about carbs and sugars up in here that even that small caution from him was enough to send my wavering nerves through the roof.)  He reminded me that my gestational diabetes test is next month and we would go from there once we had that information.

I have a healthy baby boy.  He is growing well.  I am healthy.  I have a healthy son and husband at home.

And yet?  I am so worried and peeved and anxious.  My optimism is so persistent that I had convinced myself that this delivery was going to be such a different experience from Carter's.  Recovery was going to be so much easier.  Nursing was going to be smoother.  I know my experience with Carter was a good one, overall.  I know we certainly didn't go through the worst case scenario, or even any of the really bad ones.  But it certainly was not the way I envisioned things.  I mourned that some...which is natural and normal...and I moved on.  This seemed to pick the scab.  What if things are just as difficult this time...except with a toddler around?  What if they are even harder?  

The Holy Spirit whispered truth in my ears.  My God is faithful.  He is sovereign.  His plan is always, always good, even when it is difficult.  I trust Him enough to let Him bring hard things because I know His kingdom work is bigger than my individual story.  I know He loves me.

Steven whispers truth to me.  We are in this together.  We can cut down on carbs and sugars even more carefully.  That is something we can control.  If I have a c-section and scars from a hard labor, he is my helpmate and will be here in recovery.  I have a mom and mother-in-law who love to help and live within a thirty minute drive.  My grandmother has already volunteered to stay a week to help after my mother leaves.  Steven has vacation saved up to stay at home after Samuel comes.  Samuel is healthy.  We are not preparing for nights in NICU or for parenting a child with a sickness.  We are preparing for a healthy baby and a possible difficult delivery.  Perspective starts to settle in.

My own optimism comes through and reminds me that recovering from a C-section probably isn't much worse than my own recovery from Carter's birth.  Just different.  Also?  It's not like anything has actually happened yet.  I just measured 2 and half weeks before my due date.  That's hardly faith-shaking news.  I have a healthy boy growing (albeit quickly!) inside my tummy.  God gave me another son!  

Without minimizing a real concern of my heart...there are too many good things to let my heart grow anxious.  One of the verses I memorized for Memorization Monday before I started posting them was Psalm 56:3, "When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you."  I know that no matter what comes, my hope is in something more than an easy delivery and recovery.  My hope is in the eternal God.


I have hope that by sharing this...I will have the prayers of you readers who believe.  I am always evaluating the line of what I share on here and what I don't.  I have an ever-present awareness that sharing things, especially feelings, will always garner criticism and judgement.  However?  Sometimes it's worth it.  Especially when sharing will lead to the prayers of my brothers and sisters.

We have been studying Philippians at North Hills...and studied this verse recently in chapter 1 (18b-19)

"Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance,"

Our pastor pointed out that Paul could rejoice...chose to rejoice in the prayers of his brothers and sisters in Christ...regardless of the outcome.  His deliverance was not necessarily freedom from the imprisonment which currently kept him in chains...His deliverance was the certainty that the prayers of his family were rising...and that whether in life or in death...Christ was proclaimed.

I rejoice in your prayers...and in His glory.  Thank you, as always, for sharing with me in this journey.

I don't know if I'm freaking out about what will turn out to be nothing or if I am being prepared for a difficult delivery and weeks of recovery.  I do know that ok.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Bad News Dance

Guess what?

The worst thing ever happened.  
(major exaggeration. story of my life)

Our camera is broken.
It gets worse.

It costs more than we expected to fix it.
It gets worse.

It is going to take 4-6 weeks.
loooooong sigh.

You know me.  I'm all, "At least we have the money for the repair.  At least it is repairable.  At least it will be done with plenty of time before Samuel gets here.  At least it's a fairly minor repair.  It needed cleaning anyway.  At least we do have this other point and shoot camera that stinks a little but is better than nothing.  We've been meaning to get more video anyway.  This will help us!"

But when I'm not being all, "At least you have a wife who can find sunshine during the middle of the flood of Noah," I'm totally bummed.

Hopefully Wordless Wednesdays will survive on video alone.  Hopefully we can take a satisfactory (to the judge and jury, party of ME) "horizontal growth" picture with the point and shoot since it's already been a month since the last one.  (How does this keep happening?)  Hopefully we can get some great video this month of our developing, fun toddler.

And hopefully I won't die of being without our camera.
Again with the exaggeration.

At least someone around here knows nothing of our "loss" :)  He's got Daddy, a dino, and a dance!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letters to Steven: Valentine's Day edition

**I share this because I do love Steven...and I want everyone in this whole world to know.  I also share this because we live in an "Everybody Loves Raymond" world (I know, the show cracks me up too...but it totally reeks of the male-bashing culture I hate so much)  Our culture thrives on emasculating our husbands, fathers and brothers.  It portrays them as unable to lead, handle their wives, children, and responsibilities.  In a culture where men receive such low esteem...I want to praise one who is honoring Christ  with his strength and manhood.  I want to honor my husband who loves me and lives so well.  I hope you also have a wonderful Valentine's Day...full of love!

Dear Steven,
This is the seventh Valentine's Day I have loved you. I, of course, marvel at how much has changed in even the short span of seven years. We have changed, grown into a completely different unit than we were that first Valentine's Day.  At the same seems like so few.  We are still so new at young in our love.  There is so much to look forward to.

I refuse to celebrate Valentine's Day with more cards and gifts.  You know I think they cheapen and commercialize the many opportunities we have to shower each other during the year...but I always want to do something for you on Valentine's Day that intentionally celebrates the love God has given us.  Your love is one of the most precious gifts I have been given my dearest one.

You remind me of the men that taught me what a real manhood is about.  You treasure me the way Pa treasured Ma. I remember the way he lit up when she walked into the room or made a joke. For over 50 years, no one could make Pa smile the way Ma did.  You light up in the same way in my presence.   It makes me catch my breath.   We have a long, long way to go to grow into a marriage like theirs...but that similarity is so special to me. Pa didn't have much to say, but what he said counted. You are the same way. I admire the wisdom you use in choosing your words and the clarity you bring to a conversation.

Grandpa Carter always slipped sweet himself and to us.  That sense of mischievous fun you two share helps balance my serious, driven self.  You are the funniest person I have ever met. Sometimes you make me laugh when you're not even around...just remembering your antics and words from the days before. Thank you for bringing that light in my life. Thank you for helping me enjoy our days and to stop pushing us forward all the time! Grandpa also loved other people more than himself. Nothing fulfilled him more than visiting friends and spending time with others who needed him. I admire your selflessness that doesn't consider your own desires above those of others. I pray Carter and our sweet boy to come will share this trait with it is a trait from the very Spirit of God.

Travis was my biggest fan as a little girl.  When I told him we could build a house in the woods, he believed me.  When I told him I could train him to be an Olympian hurdler, he believed me. When I told him we could make up our own language, he believed me. He believed I was the strongest, smartest, most creative girl in the world.  When our house didn't rise above six inches, when Travis realized his Olympic dreams would be short-lived, and when our language consisted of four words...I still didn't fall short.  He still believed I was the greatest because I was his big sister.  You believe in me the same way. I have done new and challenging things because you have believed in me. I believe in myself much because you believe in me, even when I fail and fall short.  Your belief in me sharpens and challenges me.  As a kid, Travis saved every single penny he every found, made, or received as a gift.  He always had random money stashed away...not to mention what was stashed in the bank.  However, Travis never valued money more than people.  I remember unloading to him about a family I knew in college that was facing some serious financial issues.  We were just chatting in his room about their situation, and Travis started emptying little drawers all over his room until he had this enormous stack of cash.  He asked me if it would help.  I've never respected him more.  Travis doesn't throw money around...but people matter more than a stash.  You don't stash money :) but you always consider others before yourself with the same heart I respect in my brother.  I am amazed at how quickly you are willing to put your own needs, desires, dreams, and agenda aside for another.  You remind me every day in the way you love me and the people around you of Christ and the way He lived with downward for the kingdom of eternity instead of a kingdom you could build here.  You have challenged my faith in our finances...and in the way you lead us to put others before ourselves.  Your heart commands my respect.

Daddy was the first man I ever loved. He taught me that I was beautiful to him because of my identity as his daughter. He loved me unconditionally and reassured me with words and actions that I was valued and loved. I wasn't beautiful because of the way I looked, what I accomplished, or the way I loved him...I was beautiful because I was his.  When he gave you my hand, you took on this responsibility...and oh how you have loved me. When I have turned away in anger, you have loved me. When I have been too tired, too burdened, too overcome to give any more, you have loved me.  You love me with a love that does not require me to be...anything. You love me unconditionally because of my identity as your wife. Daddy honored me in public by speaking well of me to others, opening doors for me, and speaking kindly to me. You have cherished me in the same way...the love in your heart is evident in the way you lift what is too heavy for me to carry, speak what is too difficult for me to say, and shelter me from what is to hard for me to bear.

Daddy hates anything that draws eyes his direction...just like you. Little Mermaid was always my favorite movie because of the song at the end. When the first notes of "Under the Sea" played and the credits began to roll, Daddy would sweep me in his arms and twirl me around the living room. Every now and then, he would concede to dancing with me in public...even though dancing in public was on his list of very least favorite things. My heart always skipped a beat of excitement when he gave that little smirk of agreement and let me lead him to the spotlight...the place I loved :) I felt like a princess. I felt beautiful, chosen, and like the most loved girl in the room.  I was worth it.  Dearest husband, I have dragged you into a million situations that you would have never chosen on your own. You make a thousand decisions each day that put my needs and wants before your own. In my mind, I hear the notes of "Under the Sea" begin to play and my heart skips a beat. I am worth it. You dance with me every day when you choose me over yourself and every other person in this world. You make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the room when you take me in your arms and dance with me.

I knew a lot about good men before my heart was yours...but I have never known a love like the love I share with you. The way you looked at me when I made a covenant with you and God to be your wife.  The prayers you've whispered over me in the depths of the night. The hopes and secrets you've shared. Your face when you saw the teeny, tiny heart beating on the ultrasound...and the way you looked at your son when you first brought him to place in my arms.  The way you cared for me those first hard months of motherhood.  The daddy you've become.  The light in your eyes when Carter settles in to his "after supper hiding spot" ready for your nightly chase.  The way you've faithfully driven a '92 Honda Accord since we've been married to keep us out of debt...and to let me drive the nicer vehicle.  The way you prepare little "Teri Lee" dates for me to get away on my own for breaks.  The notes you leave me before you go to work.  Steven, I will never love anyone the way I love you. Other men prepared my heart for you...but what we have shared and will's something I could never share with another. You are truly the fullness of who I am.

Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for fighting for me.  Thank you for being my best man. :)

Happy Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Memorization Monday: 2-13-12

I didn't work on a verse last week, because no matter how short I knew it wouldn't get the attention it needed.  This week, I am meditating on, studying, and memorizing Psalm 90:12:

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letters to Carter: Yellow

Dear Carter,
Your favorite person in your "family book" from Aunt Sarah is Pa.  You love to say his name over and over and point to his face.  You find his framed picture in Samuel's room and lean in for a kiss.  I know how you feel.

Pa and I shared a favorite color.  We both loved yellow...and many things that came in the color.  Cheese, mustard, sunny days, bananas...there's a lot of really wonderful things about yellow.  Plus...our color-blind Pa could see yellow!  He called all of his yellow shirts, "Teri Lee" shirts and always wore one when I was around.  It's a happy color.  And?  It is the first color you can identify and say.  You say, "yo-yo" when I ask you what color the mustard/toy/shirt is.  It makes me smile every single time.  Pa would have really loved that.

Yellow is more than just your first color.  It seems to be the color of your personality these days.  You are like your daddy.  You are quiet and reserved until you feel really comfortable with a group of people.  These days, many more people are being granted the joy of seeing your full personality.  It is so fun to see you interacting with these people that enjoy you so much.  When they clap, you clap.  When they turn on music, you love to dance.  When they ask you questions, you often shake your head no or nod yes.  It's so nice to see you communicating so much!  When people around you talk to you, you try so hard to repeat their words...and you are getting so good!  You "sort of" say so many words now!  By far, your favorite word is "Mannie" sound like a stopped up kid saying "Maddie".  She is not only your favorite word, but your favorite living thing...besides Daddy.  You crack me up saying her name all day long, over and over.  Her interest in you, however, is waning severely.  If you didn't feed her so frequently, I think she would break up with you for good :)  You are doing so well petting her gently...she is just so tired of it :)  You hug your sock to Mat Kearney (seriously, I'm getting tired of that one CD...can we move on to a new favorite album?)...and will only poop in a newly changed, clean diaper.  You are full of fun, humor...and yellow :)

You know, we share more than just a favorite color these days.  When you walk by open cabinets or doors, you absentmindedly close them.  You push in baskets to their place and freak out over messed up sock seams.  I swear I didn't teach you these OCD habits.  Some things are just nature, baby.  You love to read.  You like to flip through the pages of a book while you ride in the car.  You carry books over your head to us all day...and when we accept them (because we can't say no to reading!), you turn around and back into our laps in your new cutest move ever.  We probably read over 50 books a day.  It's my absolute favorite thing...and I dare say, yours too.  You also love to help in the kitchen.  When I ask if you want to help, you push a chair to the counter and wait for me to lift you up.  You love to watch and "help" stir.  You also love eating everything while we prep.  You are really starting to be a great helper...and you are such fun company.  Your favorite kitchen chore is unloading the dishwasher.  You can unlock and open the door, pull out the bottom drawer and pull out each dish and hand it up to me to put away.  I promise it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  You love to talk.  You go on and on and on with words only you know...even when no one is listening.  It's like looking at myself in the mirror.

You are also so much like your daddy.  You have his analytical skills I lack.  You love to figure things out.  You have an incredible amount of focus and have really sharpened your fine motor skills lately.  You will rock in a chair for a minute, then flip over to the floor to figure out how the bars that the chair rocks on work.  You play with a toy, then turn it around in your hands to see how the pieces work together.  You also take them all apart!  You have figured out how to pull all our outlet covers out!  (HOW!?!?  They are so hard!)  So much like your skilled with your hands.  You are also so handsome like your daddy.  Only you don't share his humble self-view.  You love nothing more than to stand in front of our full-length mirror and smile at yourself while I comb your hair in the mornings.  You'll stand there for as long as I'll comb, smiling at yourself.  It makes me laugh out loud every day.  You love your Daddy so much.  Every single day, after supper, you sit down on the floor, with your back to the wall and stare at your Daddy.  You laugh and grin with the most mischievous look on your face.  As soon as he so much as twitches, you take off with peals of laughter trailing behind you, knowing he is hot on your heels for your nightly game of chase.  The time you two spend in the evening together is your favorite part of the day.  I am so grateful you have a daddy who loves you in so many ways...and especially in the way he spends his time.  Carter, he has chosen a life and a job that includes so many hours at home with's an investment we can never take for granted.

You are getting better at eating a variety.  For awhile, you had a stand-by of five foods you enjoyed.  Now you are reaching out for all kinds of new things.  You are also seriously getting to be a pro with the fork. do love the yellow foods.  Pa would be proud.

You have been so great at preparing for Samuel.  You were so gentle with Elliot and Henry when they visited recently.  You brought them toys, gave them gentle kisses, and shared my lap with them to read books.  The ladies at nursery also tell me you love on the babies in the nursery so well!  I am so proud and thankful.  You are going to love being a big brother Carter.  Little brothers are one of the sweetest things in this world.  I am so grateful you are going to have Samuel...and that he will have you.

The squares of your quilt from Pa still smell like his perfect mix of sunscreen and detergent that made up his smell.  Sometimes I bury myself in the smell and think of how, in a sense, he still holds you for every nap, for every bedtime.  Carter, I miss Pa so much.  Your love of yellow...your happy remind me of him in so many ways.  What a compliment, little boy.

You are my little yellow sunshine...and I am so grateful for your light in my life.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Castillos

We had the best weekend.  All the Castillos were at our house...

Abuelita had her hands full...and she was quite happy about that :)

Carter was a really great big gives me high hopes for his big brother skills!

I mean...seriously.  This guy napped on me for two hours on Friday.  Snuggles, squishy little bottom pushed up in the air, tiny little pink cheeks...I know.  Precious.

His eyes...unbelievable.

Big cousins can do cool things!

How much did we do to photograph this kiss.  I can't say.  It's too embarrassing :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Memorization Monday: 2-6-12

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen."

2 Peter 3:18

Another prayer for Carter...and Samuel. (I love, love, love being able to call him by name!)  And of course..for myself.

Growing in grace and knowledge happens together.  The more I know about the Lord...the more I grow in my need for grace...and in my giving of it.  

For the glory of my God.


Some verses are complicated and stir up my brain and heart and make me full of words.  

Some verses are simple and straightforward.

And short, thank goodness!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday; Family

These pictures were, as always, taken by the sweet, sweet Laurin McDowell.  Check her out!

We had these done in the fall for Christmas some points, Travis and I were doing crossing cartwheels to keep both boys paying attention...while Steven wondered if a baby could get "shaken baby syndrome" from within the womb.  :)

I love Henry's little hand on Carter.  Even though neither are smiling.  That is just asking too much.

Oh I love my family!

The boy loves kisses!

Personal fave:

So cute!  There were so many great ones of them!

This was around the time Travis and I were doing cartwheels.

This one makes me laugh out loud...every time.  Henry's face is PERFECT.

I have NEVER seen anyone touch Daddy's nose and walk away unscathed...he hates it.  Grandkids and their kisses change everything.

Grandaddy and Carter...not sure who is happier :) 

There are always a lot of of the funnier ones.  Carter has a biological gene for being a ridiculous ham.  It came from...Steven.

Please!  Enough of the kissing picture.  Been there.  Got that!