Monday, June 14, 2010 3D!

29 weeks...I am now growing "like a weed," as anyone's grandmother would say.

     I have been so grateful for my pregnancy experience....I have been blessed to be able to avoid many of the unwanted backaches, throwing up, headaches, leg cramps, etc, etc.  I love feeling Carter's little hiccups, kicks, and full-out front somersaults in my tummy!  I also love that people can really tell that I am pregnant now and are constantly asking when I am due, what his name will be, and so on!  I love that :)  I think pregnancy brings out the best in people :)  (Except when they offer unsolicited weight analysis...that is the part they can keep to themselves!)
     We also got good news from the doctor this morning!  My glucose results came back...and they were fine!  I'm very grateful.  I know it wouldn't have been the end of the world...but I'm grateful to not have to prick my finger every day!
     In the most exciting news, we visited Vision of Life on Saturday with both sets of grandparents, Gabby, Travis, and Susanna.  We had so much fun hanging out with our precious family...and seeing Carter!  He was super shy about the whole event, covering his face with both arms and legs most of the time.  He literally was like a little pretzel.  I am not even sure how he could possibly be growing for 11 more weeks in that space!

Totally squished!

Sucking on his little'll see in later pictures that his little face looks just like Steven's...but putting his foot in his mouth, that's totally all me!  lol  Hopefully he won't have to do that as much as I do!


A little smirk...look at those already chubby cheeks!

Just snoozing now...with his foot comfortable resting on his forehead!

Family....leaving a little gap so Carter's face could be in the picture!

     We really, really enjoyed seeing Carter...and our precious family!  We had a lot of fun.  Seeing his sweet face combined with visiting some friends with a 3 week old who was PRECIOUS...makes 11 weeks seem like a terribly long time until it's time for Carter to be here!  However, when I look at the nursery...11 weeks seem like a pretty short time!  We have been super blessed by Kristie Campbell with all of the wonderful baby clothes, car seats, maternity clothes, CDs, books, bottles, and on and on and on that she has let us borrow from her son, Will.  We have been so overwhelmed by her generosity...they are really helping the nursery come to life.  In fact, I am HOPING Carter will be able to wear everything that is already in his closet, thanks to Kristie!  Thankfully, we definitely will not be needing baby clothes for Carter!  He is SET in that department!
     However, Carter did need a special outfit to travel home "Grandaddy" Terry found a few items that he needed on one of his business trips.

Some precious "Roll Tide" gear for Carter...with a matching we had a onesie monogrammed for Carter to wear home with his hat and booties :)

He'll look great from the front...

And Roll Tide on his little behind!

     I can't wait to see Carter in this sweet outfit.  I am pretty committed to him wearing it as often as possible until I just can't squeeze those buttons closed anymore! :)  Thank you, Grandaddy, for the pieces that made this precious outfit possible.
      As Father's Day approaches, I can't even describe how grateful I am for the four"daddies" in my life!  I am so grateful for my Daddy, who has taught me to do a million things.  Daddy and I think so much alike...and do things so differently!  He is one of the best people to help me talk through things....from DMV problems, clothing styles, house projects, politics, religion and spirituality, taxes, you name it.  Daddy has taught me a million things...and I love him so much!  I also love Steven's dad!  It means so much to have a husband who was raised by someone who loves Jesus...and I have learned so much about having a giving and generous heart from "Dad"!  I see so much of Steven in his dad...and I bet I will see some of those same things in my son!  What a legacy of Christ's faithfulness in our family!

"Abuelito" and "Grandaddy"
I think my smile that shows my entire dental set is enough said about how I feel about these men!

     My other sweet father in my life is Pa, Daddy's daddy :)  Pa is one of the godliest, sturdiest, most faithful, funniest, and snuggliest men I've known.  He has filled my heart with a strong heritage, love, and hope for what life can be.  He is someone I want Carter to learn from and enjoy as I have.  I hope I can be just like Pa one day...

I think the old Snapper was at full capacity here...just one of the many things I have learned from Pa...anything can be a good time!

Ma, Daddy, and Pa...I am so grateful I got to be raised by Daddy...and so grateful he got to be raised by Pa!  What great Daddies...(not to mention Mamas!)

     And the newest Daddy in my life is my precious husband, Steven.  I am so grateful to have married this man.  I love washing dishes with him, cleaning out the garage with him, playing with he and Maddie, making plans for our future, taking trips...I love living life with Steven.  I know that Carter will have the best Daddy in the world, because Steven has surrendered his heart to the grace of God, that is both mighty and good.  I am so grateful that Carter will learn how to be a man from Steven.  He is such a wonderful one :)  No matter what happens in life, this particular "Daddy" will be beside me forever :)

Waiting to see Carter at our 3D ultrasound!
     Ok...these blogs have been getting long...I should probably bring this to a close!  Happy Father's Day Daddies!  I am so grateful for you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swagger Wagon

   The past few days have been quite eventful for the Castillos!  We entered the third trimester with a great doctor's visit, celebrated our second anniversary with an impromptu trip to Hilton Head and then dinner on the actual night of our anniversary , and purchased a new vehicle!  We are so excited...about all of it!  We also have tons of things planned that are coming up soon... :)
   Really, there isn't a lot to tell about the doctor's visit.  He said my weight gain (20 pounds now...and I'm starting to feel those twenty pounds a little bit in my feet!) is perfectly on track, my blood pressure was ideal, and I was measuring, to the day, where I should be.  Love it :)  I really still feel great...though I can tell I'm starting to tire a little more easily than I did.  That's okay though...I mean, I knew that was going to happen!  He also moved my to appointments every 3 weeks instead of 4.  I took my glucose tolerance test...nothing exciting to report there.  I just drank some orange drink that tasted like flat Crush...and then had blood drawn.  They said they would call me with the results...pass or fail, so we'll see!  Hopefully I won't fail and have to go back and do the 3 hour test.
     Steven and I have been researching cars since we found out we were expecting a little one.  Well...really we have been saving for quite some time, because we knew that the Honda Accord that is AMAZING and has 218,000 miles on it, wouldn't last forever.  (Sidenote: it is still running strong.  We just knew that we should start saving for a backup plan!)  Anyway, a stroller won't fit in the trunk of either car very well...and a car seat basically fills the backseat of both of them.  It would have really been tight just with one baby and two adults.  We also know that we hope we can have our children fairly close together in we wanted to plan vehicles that would fit our lives in a few years as well as now.  So...we started looking at SUVs and minivans.  Eventually we decided we definitely wanted a minivan for the following reasons:

  • More seating
  • Lower ride (this is important for a 5'2" mama...I love exercise as much as the next girl (which is pretty limited) but bench pressing babies up into an SUV seat did not sound fun to me!)
  • Gas mileage is a little better in most minivans than large SUVs
  • Automatic doors (sounds like a little thing...but I love that I can press a button and the door will open without me having to balance a baby precariously to unlock!)
So we knew we wanted a minivan...and I really wanted it to be a Honda Odyssey.  It didn't have to be...but I really love Hondas...and I really love the Odyssey.  We were hoping to find one with around 100,000 miles on it (they just go on and on and on and on), less than ten years old, and had a set budget.  We hadn't had a lot of luck, until Daddy sent an e-mail that he had seen one on it was PERFECT!  It was also in Hilton Steven and I called the owner and planned a trip to the beach!  We tried to control our excitement just in case we found something that wasn't right about the van.  We drove down on Saturday morning, getting to Hilton Head a bit before lunch.  We needed to stop to eat before we met with the owners and were just scanning the roads for something to grab.  At the same time, we both saw "'n Nicks" on a sign...and got super excited!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen...we found a Jim 'n's yummiest BBQ...and swerved in!  :)

 So after lunch, we met up with the family selling the car, checked out the vehicle's interior and mechanics and got to know the owners a little bit.  (They were such a precious family!)  Before we knew it, we had purchased a 2004 Honda Odyssey with 101,000 miles on for a good bit under our budget!  It is a fantastic car that has had only one owner that really took care of it well!  We are SO grateful for this provision and that we were able to buy something that will last in our family for a long time...without going into debt.'s our van!

And below is a hilarious video that Sandra Edens found about young couples and minivans :)

     So after the van purchase, Steven and I celebrated with a fun time at the beach.  When I was first pregnant, I decided that I probably would not want to get into a swimsuit...especially not at the beach.  Didn't bother me a bit...and now I'm super glad because the feeling of weightlessness in the ocean was enough to make me want to stay there until I was a little prune!  Then, Steven and I went back to fix ourselves a yummy little our condo that we found at a deal...with a full kitchen!

Living room area

Bedroom upstairs

     After dinner we had some gelatto that was super delicious...and went to bed.  The next morning, we were able to go to this awesome bakery in Hilton Head and had deep dish baked French toast...YUM!  Then we headed toward home!  We were able to stop in Columbia and see Rique and Sarah on the way in...even though it was a short, short visit, it was so great to see them!  And then we were off toward home!  It was such a perfect weekend, altogether.  So much was just so right...and especially celebrating being married to my wonderful friend for life.  He is truly the best part of every adventure I write about...and he always will be.
     It is such an exciting time in our lives..we have been so blessed by the people around us.  Thank you for always sharing your wisdom and insight with us...and know that we are going to keep needing even more of it as we become parents!

     Coming soon to the Castillo Household:
  • This Saturday: 3D ultrasound (I CANNOT wait to see his precious little face...and arms, legs, toes, get the idea) with our families!  Yay!
  • Camping with the Castillo clan
  • Carter (haha!) reunion in FL
And that will all be blogged about before the end of June!  Whew!  I love you all very much....