Sunday, May 30, 2010

Growing, growing.....

27 weeks into the pregnancy with 13 to go!  It's so hard to believe that Steven and I will be PARENTS in 13 weeks.  There will be a little boy in our house in 13 weeks...the nursery needs to be finished in 13 weeks...we need to be experts at infant care in 13 weeks...I have to wait 13 weeks to hold him...Steven has to wait 13 weeks to finally really experience our baby one-on-one (I feel like I've had a little head start!) 13 weeks, our parents will be grandparents and my grandparents will be great-grandparents....WOW.  13 weeks from now...Carter will be here!  Here is an updated picture!

     I am definitely growing with a fury now.  Sometimes I really think I get bigger from the time I go to bed till when I wake up again!  One awesome thing about that is that I am also REALLY feeling Carter move now. He kicks, punches, rolls, and really sticks his little behind out so that my stomach looks all uneven :) (I think that's what it is anyway....)  It's fun to feel (and watch!) him move all over!  I remember pressing Steven's hand on my stomach so that he could feel the tiniest flutter.  Now, Steven is liable to get punched just by having his hand in the near vicinity of my stomach!  I think this is one of the best parts of pregnancy...feeling Carter move all around. 
     Speaking of growth, the garden is following suit by blooming in full force.  The weeds are as well, but I don't mind too much.  I really like spending time working in there.  It's amazing how much more I am willing to weed when it is my garden in my yard....I HATED weeding Daddy's...I think I am probably also a little more mature at 24 than I was at 7.  Perhaps that is part of the difference as well :)

banana pepper 


Bell pepper

Squash...or zuchinni...I don't remember which we planted here :)


     There's more, but I'm fairly certain that would be definite overkill on garden pictures :)  The watermelon, cucumber, beans, and other varieties of pepper seem to be doing well too, picture or not!  Special thanks, as always, to my wonderful photographer and husband.  He's infinitely patient with all of my random projects and plans:)  
     In other terms of growth, my last week at Cedar Grove begins after a Memorial Day Monday break.  By Friday, I will officially be a stay-at-home mom.  I am so excited about beginning this new phase in my life.  I can't wait to be a teacher to a classroom of one, and I am so grateful for my husband supporting and making this possible for our family.  This exciting phase is also a bit sad as I leave my daily relationships with coworkers that are more like family than colleagues.  While I know this good-bye is not in any way forever, I will miss the day-to-day relationship I share with my precious friends at Cedar Grove.  They are so special to me and have made my life at school such a wonderful experience.  

     I'll be back to update on June 8th, when I will have my 28 week appointment (hello, third trimester!) and should have some news that I passed my gestational diabetes test the first time!  (I'm really hoping to not have to do the follow-up tests!)  And to dispel any fears, everyone has to take the test...not just me :)  They say there's not really anything you can do to prevent having hopefully, I don't!  Till then...take a Sunday afternoon nap..they are all the rage at our house  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our very first baby shower!

     I am so grateful for the family and friends we have to share in the birth of our first baby!  It has been so special already to feel how loved Carter is...before he has even wiggled his cute little toes or said his first sweet words!  On Monday, my precious fourth grade teachers hosted a wonderful shower at Cedar Grove.  They did such a good job, and it was so, so special to me.

Fourth grade teachers :)

     There were so many wonderful gifts...far too many to name or list.  I am so very thankful for all the ways these teachers "showered" Carter with beautiful, adorable, and very useful things!  I know many of the gifts will be seen on this blog soon in the form of nursery pictures and pictures of Carter himself with all his clothing and accessories :).  
     Speaking of the nursery, it is coming along so well.  Mama gave us the bedding to the crib at the shower (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and now the room looks much more prepared for a baby!  We also received many nursery items that make the room look...well....ready for Carter!  I know it's a little silly to have a pack 'n' play set up in the sunroom 4 months before the baby will arrive...but I am so happy to see it there...and so grateful for such a wonderful gift...that I just couldn't help myself!  It also makes me feel better to have at least some things prepped for him to arrive!  You probably know me well enough to know that I am already trying to resist the itch to pack the bag for the hospital.  :)
     Thank you, Cedar Grove family, for all the wonderful gifts for Carter.  Steven and I are so grateful for you.  I can't wait to bring him to the school to visit :)

A few shower pictures:

Yay!  Kristie was able to come!

And just a few from the nursery...   :)

Part of his quilt

where he will hopefully sleep peacefully all night long :)

And I will post more later...I just want it to be a little more finished before I do :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

     We are now 24 weeks along!  I went to the doctor today and he said I'm about the healthiest pregnant person he's ever seen.  I'm a-ok with that!  He also gave me the sugary delight I will be drinking in 4 weeks for my gestational diabetes test.  They test everyone, so I will be tested on our second anniversary, June 8th.  Hopefully, that will go as smoothly as everything else.  
     I can't definitely tell that I am growing now.  I feel like I'm bigger every morning when I wake up!  I've gained 17 pounds, and Carter is moving like he is playing Dance Dance Revolution in there!

24 weeks

     Steven also took some more fun shots with our new camera!  We picked out an amazing new camera to capture Carter and our new life as a family.  Steven took the opportunity to take some pictures of me...and also some shots with Ma's Mother Ring.  He did a really great job, if I can brag on him just a bit more :)

     We were blessed with such a special Mother's Day.  On Saturday, both of our parents, my grandparents, and almost all of our brothers and sisters were able to come have dinner at our house.  We really enjoyed having everyone over.  We had so much fun!  It was a fun chance for us to get to honor our moms a bit, who love to be with their children so much.  I am so grateful for Mama.  She is such a friend to me now that she is finished beating me into obedient submission :)  I am still learning so much from her...and I always will.  There are so many things I will do with Carter because she did them so well with Travis and me.  We truly had the most fun, educational, joy-filled childhood anyone could have asked for.  And now, because of the wisdom she gave us, we both have embarked upon adulthood that is filled with the blessings that come from wise parents.  I am also grateful that I have not one, but two great mothers!  Steven's mom Isabel is such a wonderful mom to both of us.  I am so grateful for the example in her life of serving others.  Her life is characterized by a desire to meet the needs of others in a way that I hope and pray I can emulate.  She has raised my husband to be a man that values his wife, family, and the Lord (and who can do the dishes like nobody's business!)  What a blessing she is to me!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I cannot leave out my Grandma...without whom my grammar would be worse than it is, my sewing skills worse than they are, and my childhood less than complete.  Grandma has invested, and continues to invest, so much in my life.  She is always involved, interested, and always, always praying.  I love that she does this with me...but also so many others that live near her.  I think Grandma has more adopted children and grandchildren than anyone I have ever met!  I hope I can learn her heart of hospitality and that my home will always be as open to serve others as hers is!  I have so much to be grateful for and celebrate on this Mother's Day!

Pa, Teri Lee...and Carter! :)

Abuelo and Abuelita

Aunt Gabby

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Rique

Aunt Susanna and Uncle Travis

Grandmama (I wonder how many laughs like this Carter will bring? :) )

Typical Grandaddy...but I bet a little LESS of this when Carter is around :)
(unless of course they are napping together...which is altogether probable)

     And who are we missing....DADDY!  Steven didn't make any of the pictures because I haven't even held the camera yet!  (Partially because I really haven't had time to learn...and partially because he hasn't set it down long enough to be picked up!)  But anyway...those are just a few shots from Mother's Day.  To see the full album, click here.  (You can see this even if you don't have facebook.)  
     I am so grateful to have family that loves us and each other.  We have so many good examples to look up to.  Ma was definitely missed this weekend, as she is everyday.  I am so grateful I was able to know, learn from, and love here while she was here.  She taught me about what it means to really work hard, about being tough, loving other people in a way that is practical and helpful, honoring and loving a husband for a lifetime, and was just the kind of mother to Daddy that I want to be to Carter.  I pray that I will honor her in the way I mother my sweet baby.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I always have so many people in my life to thank...all the time.  There are so many that extend so many kindnesses to me...and I am so grateful!  I have a particular blessing I wanted to share and to extend a special "THANK YOU!"  When I was in college, I desperately hoped for someone with whom I could student teach that would be patient, desire to have me in the classroom, and still love to teach.  I got that...and SO much more.  When I walked into Kristie Campbell's room for the first time to see my own desk, welcome cards from the students, and her excited smile, I know I was in for a wonderful semester.  Those months produced some of the most wonderful teaching memories.  Kristie became my mentor, example to follow, and friend.  When I left, I knew so much more about caring for children than I could have possibly learned in a classroom of college professors!  Even after leaving, Kristie made a point to stay in touch for dinner dates.  That meant so much to me as I became a teacher in my own classroom.  She was so willing to listen, give ideas, and provide encouragement.  THEN....when she found out I was pregnant, Kristie offered to let me borrow maternity clothes.  And when I say maternity clothes, I mean I have some of the cutest, best-fitting, maternity clothes that are out there!  She just loaded up her whole maternity closet into a Rubbermaid for me!  It's been a huge blessing and added some diversity to my somewhat limited wardrobe.  As if that weren't an overflowing of generosity, Kristie and I met again recently and she loaded my car AGAIN with a baby swing, the most adorable boy clothes you have ever seen, mirrors for the car, bottles, infant accessories, and so much more!  I really can't even list the amount of things she loaded into that little Kia.  As soon as her ADORABLE son Will finished using these things, Kristie passed her items to friends.  What a friend to have!

Thank you Kristie!  I am so glad we are friends!