Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good News Ultrasound :)

22 1/2 weeks :)
The doctor said the spot was fine.  I'm as healthy as can be...and so is Carter :)  He said that the spot was a little smaller and that it had moved away from the cervix...which he said was good.  The ultrasound tech said that I just have a very "vascular uterus"...whatever that means.  I asked her if that was good or bad...and she said that it just was :)  Not a good or bad thing.  So...the doctor said he didn't need to see me anymore...which is good...but a little disappointing because Steven and I got to see Carter again today...and in 3D!

The nurse warned me that he might look "funny" because he is so young...but I think he looks just perfect!  Look at that nose...right off Steven's face!  And that sweet waving hand!  Aaaaaaaand that sweet little SMILE!

And hopefully Steven's lips...not my disappearing, barely there lips! :)

Sweet little curled up bundle :)  

I like this one...because he was just bowing back for a good stretch!

His little foot....evidence that he is also my child....his middle toe is longer than his big toe :)

The ultrasound tech said that he weighed 1 lb and 2 oz and measured approximately 11 inches...length is harder to know for sure because he is so curled up in there.  She said that is just right for his age :)

In other news, Maddie turns 1 today!  We are so grateful she is our pup (or dog, I guess, now) and think she is going to be a great big sister :)

That's a lot of growing in one year!

Today also marks a year from when we closed on the house.  We have so, so much to be grateful for :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010 update!

I know it's been awhile...but Steven and I have been SO busy.  A lot of it has just been busyness with life in general, but we have also had several projects running.  It's been fun to see things get accomplished, but it has certainly not left much time for writing blogs!  However, I have had plenty of time for growing!  I am really starting to see a difference now!
21 weeks
I can tell I'm really starting to grow!  I was trying to always use the same shirt for pictures so it would be easier to compare growth...but that is no longer a viable option :)  I've gained 8 pounds and the doctor said that Carter and I are right on track for an August 29th due date!  Carter is moving ALL OVER the place.  I can feel him all the time, which is the most wonderful thing about pregnancy so far.  Steven has also gotten to feel him....and we got to SEE him!  He gave a couple of good kicks this week and I could see my belly pop out a little!  It is so neat to see tangible proof that there is, in fact, a baby growing inside me!  We will go next Thursday for another ultrasound.  The doctor will be looking at the spot near my cervix....and Steven and I will be seeing our little one again :)  This week, Carter is approximately the length of a banana (10.5 inches) and around 12.5 oz!  
     As far as our projects are going, we have cleaned out Carter's room and closet so they are ready for clothes and furniture.  Steven set up his crib, dresser, and a new fan in his room.  I did the less exciting job of breaking down and throwing away the massive amount of packaging.  Much lower skill level :)  He did a GREAT job and we are really excited about how they look in the room!  Here's a few pictures from that project :)

Steven starting on the crib.

Coming together!


The bed that will be a toddler bed, daybed, and full sized bed :)

Maddie is such a good helper!

But she got pooped :)

And the dresser/changing table!  (The side rails come off later so that it will be a "normal" dresser.

And the fan :)

And now, dedicated reader, (you must be to be at this point in the blog!) we come to the next project: uproot all the ugly bushes from the front yard, lay new black stuff, plant new plants, and mulch.  


In the middle (this was the rather discouraging part!)

Almost done! 
     We still have some things we would like to do, but this is at least much better!  A lot has bloomed/grown /gotten green since this picture, but you'll just have to visit for that!  We want to plant some more, but this is where we are now :)
     Last, but certainly not least, we have started a vegetable garden in the backyard.  I have the MOST amazing husband and parents that have made this happen.  There are some things I can't really do, and they have just stepped in and worked so hard to help.  Steven and Daddy tilled up our spot...and discovered that a good part of our plot is hard, hard red clay.  So Steven and Daddy have been beating the ground with a maddox (if you're not sure what this is...picture a pointy sledge hammer, and imagine beating up the hard, hard red clay with it) loosening up the dirt for the tiller.  They have worked unbelievably hard.  I know Steven doesn't even like the vegetables that I want to grow in this garden and it's not even Daddy's yard...and they are doing backbreaking (literally) work to make it happen for me.  I appreciate and love these two men so much!  Mama and Daddy also helped us with a lot of yardwork when they came over, which was so nice since Steven has been really struggling with his allergies.  
     So, basically, we have been in project mode!  If you think this is nesting, just ask Steven...if this is nesting, I have been nesting since birth :)  It's just the way I am!  We will be firing up the garden next, and then adding hardwoods to the bedrooms.  Once those things are done, I think the major projects will at least be in maintain and add mode for awhile...but we'll see :)  We've done some registering at Target and BabiesRUs for Carter and his nursery, but there are still a few more things to finish.  As that comes together, we can start preparing his room for him!
     Thank you, all of you, for the support and encouragement you have been to me in this pregnancy so far.  I can't believe we're halfway there.  In a few short months, Carter will be here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Carter Steven Castillo's a boy!!!!  We are so very excited.  We really were excited about either gender, but now that I know Carter is coming, I cannot even imagine it being any other way.  I am so excited about having a baby boy...a son!  We are going to have so many adventures and fun :)  Here's a few pictures of our amazing little boy:

Carter's beautiful profile

He kept pulling his little arms up to cover his face.  It reminded me of Steven covering his face from pictures when he was a kid!

You have to look carefully at this one, but this is a picture facing Carter.  You can see both his arms pulled up, covering his face with his knees pulled up over his belly!

This is Carter's foot pressing against my belly!
     The ultrasound was wonderful!  Many of you know that we went to a specialist of maternal and fetal medicine for the ultrasound because my younger cousin, Brian, has spina bifida.  The tech and doctor assured me that Carter is a perfect, healthy baby (which is such a blessing!).  They did find a lake of blood semi-near by placenta and cervix.  The doctor said that it is probably just a venous lake (which apparently is very normal and safe) but he wanted to be sure.  So I will go back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks for a double-check.  In some ways, this is a little concerning, but the doctor said that it really was probably nothing at all; he just wanted to see me again because he likes to err on the safe side.  I'm fine with that!  (And that means I'll get another peak at sweet Carter!)  The doctor suggested I just keep on doing what I've been doing, and that I should be fine.  So, as you remember Carter and this pregnancy in your prayers, please remember this little spot.
     On another note entirely, I would like to share a little something that has been going on in this mama's heart.  As we prepare to celebrate Easter, I have been even more excited about the season this year than ever before.  Our church has been studying the book of Luke for 2 1/2 years now (longer than we've even been there!) and are approaching the resurrection.  As we have studied the grace and justice of the cross, I have been astounded by a new understanding of grace, this gift that I could never understand, deserve or earn.  I can't explain this new knowledge my heart has felt, but the Holy Spirit has really been surrounding my heart with the message of grace and God's unbelievable and undefinable love in this season.  We have also been celebrating communion during each church service for the past two months or so.  During this time, we break into small groups and take communion with those sitting around us.  What seemed so different and uncomfortable at first has become so precious to me with time.  This last week, one man was thanking God in his prayer for the new life that Christ brought with His death and resurrection and for the new life that was growing in me.  I tell that whole background about what's been going on at church to share how grateful I am for that particular picture the man put in my mind.  I am so grateful and excited about this life-changing life that is growing inside me.  I am also unbelievably grateful for the life that Christ has put in my by being punished for my sin that it might be erased.  Praise the Lord this Easter for the life He gives...both in my womb and in my heart!
     I know this blog is getting long, but I will just mention a few more things.  I promise I'll post next time a picture of this horizontal growth I'm experiencing.  (I can finally really tell I'm pregnant and I love it!)  I also want to tell you about the book Steven and I are reading that someone suggested to us....and is amazing!  But for now, thank you for all your prayers.  Sweet Carter is growing healthfully in my womb...a new life and miracle of miracles!  Happy Easter!