Thursday, March 18, 2010

April 1st!

I went to the doctor this morning and he said I was healthy as I could be! I've officially gained 4 pounds and he said I would probably REALLY start feeling the baby move in a few weeks. But...I did get to HEAR the baby move today! While we were listening to the baby's heartbeat, I heard a big THUMP! The doctor said it was the baby kicking! I got to listen to the heartbeat and two more big kicks! It was so much fun and such a blessing to hear some of the baby's life this morning! I can hardly wait for the sweet one to be here! At the end of the visit we scheduled the ultrasound for April 1st at 2:15! It was a great visit and I can't wait for April 1st!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I (maybe) felt the baby move! (I think!)

   16 weeks

  Internet sources now say that the sweet baby is the size of an avocado (4.6 in and 3.5 oz).  He/she is now moving around all over the place and is starting to pick up on sounds happening outside the womb.  With this advent of hearing, comes my suspicion that I felt our little one move!  On Friday, we went to Rique's (Steven's brother) CD release party.  The band that opened for them played pretty heavy drums.  I had just told Steven that I wondered if the baby could hear/feel the sounds/vibrations when I felt a little movement in my tummy.  I wasn't sure if it was just something I made up, my tummy rumbling, or what....but on Sunday, while we were singing, I felt it again.  This time, I'm pretty sure it was the baby because it felt identical to what I felt on Friday, and it just didn't feel like a stomach rumble.  So....I think I felt the baby move!  I bet it is hearing all the vibrations from the music!  It will be fun when I can really tell for sure that it is indeed the baby, but it is pretty exciting to feel the beginnings of all the moving!
     In other exciting news, we have our fourth doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  This visit, he will schedule our anatomy ultrasound for two weeks from Wednesday (I don't know if it will be exactly two weeks or what...but either way...we'll know pretty soon!)  and do a general check up.  I am grateful to report that I will be able to tell him that I am feeling a million times better and am sleeping so much better!  I have gained about 5 pounds, but it seems like much more, judging from my clothing!  My jeans are definitely on their last leg, even with the Bella band...but my maternity pants are still too big.  (I tried wearing a pair to school that I ended up pulling up ALL day...and discovered they are a little too long to start with!)  Shirts mostly still fit, but  I am definitely starting to looking like a big girl in a little shirt.  Unfortunately, I don't really look definitively pregnant I just look like a chunker :)  I've read that you really start gaining and looking pregnant around 20 weeks, so as that date approaches, I'm sure the baby and I will pick up on our growth and start being able to wear those maternity clothes that I'm dying to wear!
     Most of that was to say...we will be able to start using correct gender pronouns in about 2 weeks!  (I hate calling the baby, "it".)  We can't wait to be able to start on the nursery and call our baby by name soooooooooooon!  And don't worry, as soon as we know...we'll post it so you will know as well!  I really have no idea what the doctor is going to say.  A LOT of people have told me they think that it is a girl, and I felt the same way for a long time.  As the ultrasound approaches though....I just have no idea!  Sometimes I feel justs as convinced we will be having a son!  I guess we'll just wait and see!  Either way, I can't wait to have a sweet daughter or a precious son!  Both options are PERFECT!  * Pa said, "Well...I'd say there's about a 50/50 chance for each!*  :)  We will also probably get started on the registering at that point as well.  Lots of decisions coming up soon!  Also, I am SO excited about "seeing" our baby again!  I feel like I am still picturing that little blur they showed us 8 weeks ago...and the baby is so much different now!  I can't wait to see him/her on camera!
     I celebrated my 24th birthday a few weeks ago.  It was a special one, with lots of fun and love and family...and promises from the future :)  On my actual birthday, Mama, Daddy, Steven and I went to Olive Garden.  We also celebrated at Mama and Daddy's house with Travis and Susanna the Sunday following my birthday.  Susanna's birthday is the day before mine, so I always have a sweet sister to help me ring in the next year!  We had so much delicious food and fun talking, eating, and playing games.  What great aunts, uncles, and grandparents this precious baby has!  I got some very wonderful, useful gifts that I am really enjoying using.  What a sweet family :)  Also, Steven, Mama, Daddy, and Grandma gave me...a Roomba!  I really wanted one before the baby came along so that I can let the baby crawl about without worrying so much about all the particles on the floor.  Also, it will do some daily maintenance so that I can focus on being an awesome Mama and not as much the housekeeper.  I know there will still be lots to do on the house, but this will be one less thing!  I can already tell a huge difference!  Edith (we have named our Roomba this because she just seems like a prim little British housekeeper, lol) has cleaned every other day this week while we were at work.  When I did my major clean on Saturday, I was amazing at how clean the floor was.  I still had to sweep really well in the corners and underneath furniture, but the majority of the floor was spotless.  Thank you so much, Steven, Mama, Daddy, and Grandma...Edith is the best birthday gift ever!  It's hard to imagine that when I turn 25, we will have 6 month old baby crawling on our nice, clean floor!
     I'll try to post Wednesday or Thursday to let you know when the ultrasound appointment will be and what the doctor said...and then, in a few weeks, give you the Ella/Carter update!  Thank you all as always for your prayers for this pregnancy and baby as we continue on this journey!